10 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Our Daily Lives

Artificial intelligence has become a pretty polarizing topic over the past several years. You might have heard threats that AI is potentially a threat to your job, or maybe even to the human race as we know it. Of course, as with all advancing technology, we need to tread carefully when discussing the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

The basic concept that a computer system could be used to complete tasks that were conventionally confined to human operation offers plenty of benefits as well. There are several amazing benefits of artificial intelligence can offer to our daily lives:

1. Automation of mundane tasks

As we look towards enhanced automation of repetitive procedures, the benefits of artificial intelligence are quite evident. With the potential to alleviate human beings of the need to spend their time repeating mundane tasks, artificial intelligence can increase productivity and create more free time. In theory, this will give more people the opportunity to think feely and creatively and will have a positive impact on overall innovation.

2. Faster, more accurate decision making

Artificial intelligence working in union with cognitive technologies can allow better decision making to happen more quickly. With the human element involved, even routine decisions tend to result in a lot of humming and hawing. The benefits of artificial intelligence include reducing apprehension, decisions can be made efficiently and actions will be carried out faster.

3. Reduce the margin for error

It is part of being human to make errors from time to time. Regardless how diligent, well-trained, or obsessively detail-oriented an employee is, they are liable to miss something eventually. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this margin for error can be virtually eliminated. Computers, that are programmed properly, do not make these kinds of errors.

Think of a giant dataset for example, chances are high that a human being will make at least a few errors throughout processing the entire thing. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, allows the whole thing to be completed without a single mistake.

4. Alleviate stress for human actors

Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is now less of a need for humans to be exposed to risk in the name of research. In areas such as space and oil exploration, highly advanced computers can do the job of collecting data that can then be transmitted to research centers to be analyzed. It keeps people out of harm’s way while still collecting valuable information and data.

5. Constant availability

One of the biggest benefits in terms of productivity is the simple fact that machines don’t require regular breaks and refreshments like human beings. Using artificial intelligence, machines can work long hours performing the same job without getting bored or distracted. Regardless of timing, the weather, public holidays, or other societal happenings, machines can perform their job unperturbed.

6. Everyday application

Whether or not you realize it, you probably already use some form of artificial intelligence in your day to day life. If you’ve gotten use to asking Siri or Cortana for help, you’re one of the many people who uses AI to reduce the barriers in a regular day. GPS can also be invaluable on long trips and even if you benefit from simple autocorrect functions to avoid spelling errors, you’re already somewhat dependent on artificial intelligence.

7. Digital assistance

Another way you might already be engaging with AI without even realizing it is when you seek assistance online. Many companies have already replaced human assistants to with customer service chatbots in order to cut back on their need for human resources.

You might be able to pick up on the fact that you’re dealing with a computer program, because even the most sophisticated software don’t generally interpret the emotion behind comments as well as an actual person. Or at least not yet anyway, although chatbot technology is advancing rapidly in the area of emotions. Nevertheless, the rational thinking that AI assistants are capable of is enough to resolve many situations.

8. Medical application

AI has already proven itself to be an invaluable resource in the field of medicine. Doctors are now able to assess a patient’s health-related data and risk factors using health care devices with the help of artificial machine intelligence. AI is also being applied in Radiosurgery where it helps surgeons to operate the tumors without damaging the unaffected surrounding tissues.

9. Enhanced gaming experience

Computer games are another common pastime that prove the benefits of artificial intelligence. Think about the fact that when you play a computer game or operate a computer-controlled bot, you are actually interacting with artificial intelligence. In any game where the computer plays as your opponent, it is with the help of AI that the machine is able to plan and execute its response.

10. Fraud detection

AI is now used by virtually all financial institutions and banks in order to organize and manage records, in addition to playing an important role in fraud detection. Smart card-based systems now largely rely on artificial intelligence to determine when something suspicious is going on and to put an end to it.

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10 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Our Daily Lives

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