10 Best Toronto Neighbourhoods to Live In

When people speak of living in Canada, Toronto is usually one of the top names on the list. Toronto is a massive city with many unique neighbourhoods which makes the decision of where to live a challenge. Fear not! Below is a list of ten Toronto neighbourhoods and what makes them great to live in.

1. Bloor West Village

The western side of Bloor is cozy and picturesque because of all the boutiques, restaurants and food markets that run on either side of the street. Living anywhere close to Bloor is always an advantage for commuting purposes because the subway and major streets are close by. In addition, High Park is nearby for those who love nature.

2. Annex

The Annex is a student neighbourhood because of its proximity to downtown Toronto and several campuses. Because of the student population, there are many cheap restaurants, bars and other activities to do in the area. Despite the Annex being a student neighbourhood, the houses and surrounding areas are gorgeous because of their historic and vintage appearance.

3. Younge-Eglington

The rent rates in the Younge-Eglington area are generally cheaper than other areas of Toronto because it is located in midtown. That being said, subway and bus connections for commuting are still easily accessible. This area of Toronto is more laid back than other regions which makes it favourable to those who want a quiet place to live.

4. King Street East & West

For many years, King Street was an uneventful location to visit or live. The street has developed over the years and is now a popular place to go for entertainment. Because the area is still developing, it is a great neighbourhood to invest in the Toronto condos for sale while being close to the action.

5. Queen Street West

The best shopping in Toronto can be done on Queen Street West since there is a store catered to anyone’s style. Queen Street West has a lot of chic, fresh restaurants and bars as well, there is always something new to try. Trinity Bellwoods park is located on Queen Street too, if it is not walking distance, you can always take the 501 streetcar for a trip to the park!

6. Harbourfront

If you like the excitement and fast-paced nature of downtown Toronto, the Harbourfront may be the neighbourhood for you. Not only is the Harbourfront located in the heart of Toronto, it is only a 10 minute walk away from the lake. This neighbourhood is close to Jays games and popular concert venues for avid fans.

7. Junction

As the neighbourhood name implies, the Junction is the region of Toronto where several major intersections conjoin. Because of this, it makes it an extremely convenient location for commuting, with easy access to the subway, streetcars and GO transit. The Junction is close to great restaurants and bars on Dundas West and Roncesvalles, as well as High Park.

8. Financial District

Toronto is known for bustling business professionals in suits, especially on Bay Street. If you want to be close to work in the downtown Toronto core, the Financial District may be right for you. The Financial District is known for towering high rises and a range of different eateries from cozy to flashy.

9. Yorkville

Neighbourhoods like Yorkville are the areas which give Toronto a bad reputation for extremely high rent prices. Although, if you enjoy the expensive, upper class feel, Yorkville has that vibe. Yorkville is well located for transportation, being right next to Bay and Bloor stations, making exploring the rest of Toronto very easy.

10. Liberty Village

Liberty Village is full of young and creative professionals which has made the area hip and fun to live in. A lot of the real estate in the neighbourhood is derived from old warehouses which gives off a cool and rustic ambiance. Liberty Village is not well located for commuting purposes, however, there is access to a few buses and streetcars.

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10 Best Toronto Neighbourhoods to Live In

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