10 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in the World

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Like many people, you may not be able to function normally if you don’t drink at least one cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, it may feel like your day hasn’t officially started until you take a sip from that cup of coffee.

When you go out to a coffee shop, either alone or with a few friends, what do you like to drink? Do you always order the same type of coffee, or do you want to try out everything on the menu?

Here are 10 of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. Which ones have you already tried?

1. Espresso

Espresso is the most popular coffee drink in the world. Found in many cafes and coffee shops around the world, the espresso is a type of coffee drink that originates from Italy. It is used to prepare many other types of coffee drinks, but many people also enjoy it on its own.

Espresso is prepared by forcing steam and nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee beans, so it’s best brewed with a good espresso machine. Espresso is thicker than most types of coffee, and it has a rich golden brown cream on top.

2. Americano

Caffè Americano, or American coffee, is another popular coffee drink. This beverage was supposedly invented by American soldiers during World War II. They used to dilute their Italian espresso coffee with hot water so it tasted more like the coffee they were drinking at home.

An Americano coffee can have a strong taste or a mild taste, depending on how much water is added to one or two shots of espresso.

3. Cappuccino

The cappuccino is another popular coffee drink that originates from Italy. It is prepared with a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Some chocolate or cinnamon powder can be added on top.

Coffee shops offer different variations of this drink: it can be prepared with cream instead of milk, be prepared with less milk so it will be darker, or be prepared as an iced coffee.

4. Latte

A caffè latte is similar to a cappuccino, but it is usually prepared with three parts of steamed milk for one part of espresso. The baristas of coffee shops often draw some images in the milk foam floating on top of the latte they serve. This is known as latte art. Many people love to add sugar to their latte, but this beverage can be enjoyed without it.

5. Mochaccino

A mochaccino, or caffè mocha, is a widely popular coffee drink based on espresso and hot milk. Chocolate powder or syrup is added to the mix, and a mochaccino can be topped either with milk foam, or whipped cream.

Some consider a mochaccino to be a type of hot chocolate, with a shot of espresso added to it. Different variations exist, and it can be difficult to pick a favourite.

6. Iced coffee

In the summer, when it gets too hot to drink hot coffee, many people turn to iced coffee, also called cold brew, for a refreshing coffee drink.

Iced coffee can be prepared by soaking coffee beans in water overnight, and then serving this brew with milk, sugar, and ice. Chocolate syrup, cream, ice cream, and other ingredients can be added to an iced coffee, for many delicious variations.

7. Latte macchiato

A latte macchiato is one of the most popular coffee drinks from Italy. It can be prepared by frothing milk, before gently pouring some espresso into it.

For this popular coffee drink, the emphasis is on the milk, and not on the coffee. A latte macchiato is often served in a tall glass, so the layers of liquid milk, espresso and light milk foam can be clearly visible.

8. CafΓ© au lait

A café au lait is the French version of a caffè latte. It is prepared with hot milk, and either a shot of espresso, or brewed coffee.

There are different variations to café au lait, but perhaps one of the most important differences between this drink and a caffè latte is that it is often served in a white porcelain cup or bowl, instead of in a glass.

9. Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee originates from the Ottoman Empire. This popular coffee drink is prepared by brewing finely ground coffee beans in boiling water, with some sugar.

The powdered coffee grounds are not filtered from the drink, so some of them are consumed with the Turkish coffee while the rest settles on the bottom of the cup. The patterns formed by the coffee grounds can be used for fortune-telling.

10. Irish coffee

Irish coffee is a cocktail coffee, prepared with hot black coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream. The result is a rich, smooth and strong drink. Different variations exist, such as the Irish cream coffee, which replaces the whiskey, the sugar and the cream with Irish cream.

Irish coffee is said to have been invented during World War II by an Irish soldier who wanted to help his fellow soldiers stay awake while they were under attack during the night.

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10 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in the World

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