11 Canadian Buildings Made With Decorative Sheet Metal

If you love historical sheet metal ornaments, cornices and domes, you know that there are many occasions to admire them in Canada. Here is a list of 11 Canadian buildings that feature decorative sheet metal.

1. Ogilvy Building in Ottawa

The Ogilvy Building used to be the home of Ogilvyโ€™s, one of the first high-end department stores in Ottawa. One of the corners of the building features a beautiful copper medallion with delicate details.

2. Peace Tower in Ottawa

Ottawaโ€™s historic Peace Tower, which is the focal point of the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament Buildings, is covered by decorative sheet metal copper roofing, which has been recently restored.

3. National Library of Parliament in Ottawa

While we are taking a close look at the Parliament, letโ€™s not forget the National Library of Parliament. The breathtaking beauty of this building is completed by different levels of copper roofing, along with decorative cast iron railing.

4. West Block in Ottawa

West Block, another important Parliament Building, also features a beautiful copper roof. In fact, the green copper roof of West Block has recently been replaced with a brand new, shiny copper roof, and it might take 30 years before it goes green again.

5. Langevin Building in Ottawa

The Langevin Building acts as Office of the Prime Minister and home to the Privy Council Office. It is also considered a Canadian National Historical Site, and it features beautiful decorative sheet metal and copper roofing.

6. Old City Hall in Toronto

The Old City Hall of Toronto officially became a National Historical Site of Canada in 1984. Like many of the buildings presented in this list, it features beautiful copper roofing, as well as many decorative sheet metal elements.

7. Montreal City Hall in Montreal

The Montreal City Hall now features astonishing decorative copper roofing, but it wasnโ€™t always this way. The building used to have a slate tile roof, until it was reconstructed after a fire. This is when the decorative stamped copper elements were added.

8. Montreal Harbour Commission Building in Montreal

The Montreal Harbour Commission Building has been built in 1870 and was meant as the home of the offices of the Port of Montreal administration. Itโ€™s ornamental sheet metal roof and dome have been recently restored.

9. Roman Catholic Cathedral in Sherbrooke

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Sherbrooke, Quebec, features beautiful lead sheet roofing as well as many decorative sheet metal ornaments that add to its beauty.

10. Henry Hicks Building in Halifax

The Henry Hicks Building is part of Halifaxโ€™s Dalhousie University. With its clock tower and copper dome and cupola, it is seen as the most recognizable and symbolic building of Dalhousie.

11. New Brunswick Legislative Building in Fredericton

The New Brunswick Legislative Building is New Brunswickโ€™s provincial government building, and can be found in Fredericton. It features many different copper ornaments, and its most impressive features are a 120-foot high cupola and dome.

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11 Canadian Buildings Made With Decorative Sheet Metal

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