11 Foods You Can Cook In Your Pizza Oven

It’s no secret that the best pizzas are cooked in outdoor pizza ovens. But if you own such a wonderful wood fired oven, what else can you prepare in it? Here are 11 delicious ideas to inspire you.

1. Bread

If you enjoy baking your own bread at home, think about baking it inside your outdoor pizza oven. Whether you prefer white bread, mixed grain bread or sour dough bread, the results will delight you.

2. Roasted vegetables

If you love roasted vegetables, why not roast them inside your pizza oven? Whether you are thinking about carrots, asparagus, cauliflowers, or brussel sprouts, vegetables will acquire a unique taste.

Stuffed peppers are even more delicious when they are roasted inside outdoor pizza ovens. The high heat will quickly char them, without making them lose too much moisture.

Whether you like your potatoes roasted, baked, or cooked au gratin, you will be able to prepare sensational side dishes thanks to your outdoor pizza oven.

Who doesn’t like eating corn on the cob? People who have tried cooking corn on the cob in outdoor pizza ovens enjoy the smoky flavor that is added to this simple side dish.

3. Steaks & Meatballs

The heat produced by outdoor pizza ovens is just perfect to cook delicious steaks in just a few minutes. Be ready to enjoy the best steak you have ever eaten!

Prepare your favorite meatballs, and cook them inside your outdoor pizza oven. The heat of the wood fired oven will brown the meatballs, leaving them moist and delicious on the inside.

4. Fried chicken

Cooking fried chicken in your outdoor pizza oven will be simple, and it won’t leave any oily mess in your kitchen. Over all, your fried chicken will be incredibly flavorful.

5. Fish

Salmon, trout, or halibut: no matter what your favorite fish is, place it on top of a cedar plank inside your pizza oven, and cook it with some light seasoning for a perfect meal.

6. Clams

No matter how you season your clams, they will benefit from being roasted in your outdoor pizza oven. Try them with some garlic, paprika and oregano.

7. Paella

Have you ever tried paella? This delicious spanish dish that features rice, chicken and seafood can easily be prepared in a wood fired pizza oven.

8. Breakfast pizzas

Of course, outdoor pizza ovens are also perfect for cooking breakfast pizzas. What will you use as toppings for yours?

9. Baked eggs

Outdoor pizza ovens can produce delicious baked eggs. A popular option is to add some ham and cheese to your baked eggs, but you can pick any ingredients you like.

10. Pies

What’s your favorite pie? Whether it’s apple pie, pumkin pie or cherry pie, try baking it inside your outdoor pizza oven for a fantastic dessert cooked to perfection.

11. Cake

Cakes can also be baked in outdoor pizza ovens. After you have cooked the perfect pizza to impress your guests, you can impress them even more with a delicious cake for dessert.

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11 Foods You Can Cook In Your Pizza Oven

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