11 Tips for Moving With Cats and Feline Friends

Moving day is coming, and you have no idea how your cats are going to live through this terrifying trial. After all, cats go crazy if you just take them to the vet, and they just hate unfamiliar environments. Moving long distance with your feline companions sounds like a nightmare, doesnโ€™t it?

Fortunately, moving with cats doesn’t have to be a hassle as long as you are equipped with the right resources. First of all, make sure you contact professional movers for their assistance. These movers will come in very handy, giving you an extra hand (or more!) during this busy hectic day. When you don’t have to worry about the logistics of the move, you will naturally have more time to focus on your cat.

If you need some reassurance about moving with cats, these 11 tips will show you how it can be done:

1. Donโ€™t change the routine of your cats before the move

Your cats probably love their daily routine, which is why moving to a new home will disturb their habits and scare them. Before moving with cats, make sure your pet’s routine is as stable as possible.

Even if youโ€™re busy packing your belongings and planning your move, keep playing with your cats and feeding them as you usually do.

2. Stay calm to help your cats stay calm

Moving with cats needs to be a calm and peaceful ordeal. If you are stressed out, your cats will feel it and will become agitated and worried. If you want them to remain calm, try your best to stay calm.

Talk to them with a reassuring tone, and tell them everything will be alright. If any stranger is coming to your home to help you pack, try to keep your cats locked in a room so they wonโ€™t meet them.

3. Take your cats to the vet one last time

Donโ€™t want until you have moved to take your cats to a new vet clinic. Schedule an appointment with their vet for a full check-up before moving day.

Ask for a copy of your catsโ€™ medical records so you can provide them to their new veterinarian, and discuss the possibility of giving sedatives to your cats if they are nervous while traveling in a car.

4. Make sure your cats are safe on moving day

On moving day, it could be a good idea to ask a friend or a neighbour to take care of your cats while you and your movers pack the moving truck.

If this is not an option, keep your cats locked in a room with their cat beds, a litter box, food, and water, so they can feel safe while strange things are happening in their home.

5. Make sure your cats have everything they need in the car

Obviously, you canโ€™t pack your cats in the moving truck. If you are reaching your destination by car, make sure your furry companions will have everything they need. Pack a small bag with food, water, treats, toys, blankets, and other familiar items.

If they are too frightened, keep them sedated to make the trip easier for them, and for you.

6. Be sure each cat has a cat carrier

Itโ€™s not a good idea to let your cats loose inside the car when moving. They could try to escape as soon as someone opens a door or a window, or they could even end up causing an accident.

Keep each cat in a rigid cat carrier so they will feel more safe. If youโ€™re lucky, your cats might just relax in their carriers, take a nap, and wake up in their new home.

7. Decide when you should feed your cats

If your car trip will only last a few hours, you could simply feed your cats when you get to your destination. However, if you are in for a very long trip, you could take short breaks along the way to feed your cats and give them some fresh water.

Keep in mind that if they are nervous, they might not have a lot of appetite.

8. Think about bringing a small litter box

If you do take short breaks to feed your cats, you should also allow them to use a litter box during that time.

Instead of keeping their regular litter box in the car, you should consider bringing a small litter box, maybe even a disposable one. It will take up less room in the car, and be easier to dispose of.

9. Move your cat into a cat-friendly hotel

If you know you will need to stay in a hotel as you travel to your new home, make sure to book a room in advance in a cat-friendly hotel.

Itโ€™s not a good idea to let your cats in your car all night long because you canโ€™t find a hotel that allows you to bring them in your room.

10. Travel by air with your cats if you can

If the best way to reach your new home is to travel by air, make some research before your move to be sure you are doing this the right way.

Some airline companies will allow you to keep a cat with you in the cabin, while others will accept pets as cargo, as long as they are in an approved pet carrier.

11. Help your cats get used to their new environment

Once you reach your new home, you should keep your cats locked in a room with their essentials. Once they have calmed down, you can allow them to slowly explore the rest of the home.

Go back to your catโ€™s routine as quickly as possible to help them get used to their new environment.

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11 Tips for Moving With Cats and Feline Friends

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