14 Popular Reasons to Move to Canada

Are you in another country and looking for reasons to move to Canada? Naturally, Canada is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. It has over ten million square kilometres of natural fields. With this size of land occupied by a moderate population, Canada offers many possibilities to its residents. Consequently, moving to Canada is one of the best decisions you can make in 2019.

Below are the fourteen most popular reasons to move to Canada:

1. Job Opportunity

Unemployment is one of the problems affecting most of the countries around the globe. Not so with Canada. With eligible skills, moving to Canada enables you to easily secure employment. You can be among the thousands of foreigners Canada requires to meet her labour shortage.Β There are plenty of job openings available in Canada, so this is a very popular reason to move to Canada.

2. Most Peaceful Country in the World

Canada is the tenth most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. Her inclusive welcoming nature creates an atmosphere of unity, tolerance and respect for all people.

3. Immigrant-Friendly

It is estimated that 20% of Canada’s thirty-five million people are foreign-born, making Canada the most multicultural country in the world. This diversity is highly attractive to immigrants from all parts of the world. Over the years, Canadians have pioneered the protection of minorities’ civil rights. Moreover, Canada’s friendly immigration policy ensures no one is deprived of security or subjected to prejudice and racism.

4. Universal Healthcare

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are provided with free basic healthcare. In the US for instance, citizens pay for healthcare services. In Canada, you get to enjoy free universal healthcare.

5. Educational and Innovation Opportunities

In Canada, all residents, including immigrants, have access to an outstanding education system. Education in the country is a basic right for everyone. The government heavily invests in the education of its people. Consequently, stellar students are able to perform remarkably in all disciplines. There is a long list of innovations patented in Canada courtesy of her sophisticated education system. These include alkaline batteries, Java language, insulin, IMAX cinemas, and many others.

6. Major Economy

The Canadian economy is among the 10 biggest in the world. This is perhaps made possible by the fact that she is the US main trade partner. Additionally, Canada has a stable banking system, low levels of corruption, and a huge investment in science and technology. Whatever your reasons for moving to Canada, you will be exposed to wonderful opportunities once you immigrate there.

7. The Happiness Factor

According to the annual World Happiness Report conducted by the UN, Canada is the seventh happiest country in the world. This makes it the highest ranked country outside Europe. Who knows, you might just find happiness upon immigrating to Canada.

8. Safety and Security

Canada is one of the safest and securest countries on earth. It has minimal reported cases of violent crime. It is politically stable and is located in a peaceful part of the planet.

9. Committed and Responsible Government

The government of Canada is ranked the seventh best in the world by the Justice Project and the Legatum Institute. This demonstrates the efforts of the federal government’s commitment to integrate values, quality and wellbeing of the Canadian citizens and other immigrants. By immigrating to Canada, you get to be a beneficiary of a responsible and committed government.

10. Spectacular Sceneries

Moving to Canada gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best scenes on earth. These include Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, Banff National Park in Alberta, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Capilano River area in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, etc. Nature lovers will be at home with these and many other sceneries.

11. Great Cuisine

Canadian restaurants provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the food of your choice. If you want to enjoy French-Canadian cuisine in Quebec or tasty treats, there are excellent restaurants that ensure your preferred taste is met.

12. Plenty of Sports

Canada has variable sports for you to watch or play. These include baseball, ice hockey, basketball, golf football/soccer, tennis lacrosse, cricket, rugby, volleyball, curling, swimming and snow skiing. Moreover, its natural beauty attracts popular athletic activities such as hiking, backpacking, kayaking, camping, biking, fishing, etc.

13. Freedom

According to the Legatum Global Prosperity Index of November 2015, Canada was declared number one in the world for personal freedom. Canada will protect your freedoms and rights and strictly enforce the rule of law. This affords you the possibility of living freely without the fear of oppression from the government.

14. Incredible Livable Cities

Moving to Canada gives you an opportunity to enjoy a high standard of living. Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto have been ranked among the top five most livable cities in the world by Economist Intelligence. This was out of a hundred and forty evaluated cities around the world.

Many people have numerous motivations to move from their countries of origin. However, the most common is the desire for a better life. No matter what your reasons are, moving to Canada provides you with great possibilities to actualize your dream of a bright future. This could include the option of becoming a Canadian citizen.

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14 Popular Reasons to Move to Canada

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