Monday, September 30, 2013

Kitchen Tip: Perfect Burger Patties

So, normally I would start by saying how much I love this, or how I make it all the time.
Not today.
I am just not a big fan of burgers.
My husband is.
Awesome.  : [
It kind of sucks to cook something you don't like to eat.
So, once a year or so, when I play "good wifey" for a day, I make the dreaded burger.
Here's the thing the heck do you make a burger patty that doesn't shrink by half and fall apart?

Well....I was experimenting and came up with a really great way to make nice, even burger patties.
They will shrink a little, but not too much...and they won't fall apart.
And best of all, they don't require some special "as seen on TV" gadget.

Here's what you need:
plastic wrap, parchment or wax paper cut into squares, a round container slightly larger than you want your burger, and a lid that is just a tiny bit smaller than your container

So to get started, lay out the container and cover with a large piece of plastic wrap.
Put a big handful of your seasoned hamburger meat in the container, on top of the plastic wrap.

Cover the meat with another piece of plastic wrap, and put the lid on top of the plastic wrap.
Start smashing the meat down with the lid. Use the lid to evenly spread the meat until there is no empty space. You want to press pretty hard, so your patty is really compact and has no air pockets left in it.
Using the plastic wrap that is hanging over the edge, pull the patty out of the container. Wrap in plastic wrap and repeat until all your patties are formed.
Put all your wrapped patties in the freezer for at least an hour.

When you remove them from the freezer, it will be easy to remove the plastic wrap and stack them between squares of parchment.

 At this point, you can go straight to the grill....or, put in a freezer bag and freeze for later.

Here are a few things to remember:
-season your meat before you make them into patties
-bring meat to room temp. before making into patties (it will be easier to work with)
-make patties slightly bigger than you want your finished burger, because they will shrink a little
-don't thaw before cooking (they will shrink less if they are frozen)

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