Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping Tips's really that time of year.
Time to wrap your Christmas gifts.
I'd like to share a quick tip or two about gift wrapping.
Specifically for Christmas time, and specifically for kids.

 Growing up I remember my Mom rustling around under the tree on Christmas morning trying to remember which gift was what, and in what order she would like them to be opened.

Well, I have a solution for that problem. It may be about 10 years too late for my Mom, but it's definitely not too late for me.

Tip # 1:
Choose a different gift wrap for each one of your kids. I have 3 kids, and I buy 3 different gift wraps. Each kid has all of their presents wrapped in the same paper. The is no rummaging through gifts trying to read the gift tag to pass out presents.
*Also keep in mind to have a completely different wrap for your "Santa" gifts. I wrap all the Santa gifts in brown packing paper and tie it up with a really fancy ribbon and gift tag. Something silver or gold would be magical too.

 I usually have the same or similar gifts for each one of my kids. Like they all will get a video game (a Wii game for one and DS games for the others). Maybe they will all get a toy that is similar in price. They will all have an equal number of gifts and I want them to open their similar gifts at the same time. It's easy to forget what's what when it is wrapped under the tree.

Tip # 2:
I do a sort of a code, or cheat sheet on the bottom of my kids' presents. You could also do it on the gift tag, but I don't use gift tags because I know which gifts belong to which kid based on the gift wrap.
So basically, if I had 3 presents for each kid, I would write a 1 on the bottom of the presents I want them to each open first, a 2 on the ones I want them to open second and so forth. In the picture I wrote A-1, B-1, and C-1. A, B, and C stand for my kids. That was unnecessary in my case because of the gift wrap, but you get the idea. If your kids don't have the same initials like mine do, you could use their initials and then the # of the gift.

And last...
Do you ever go to wrap a gift and realize you don't have any ribbon? Or maybe you are like me and you love fancy wired ribbon but are too cheap to buy it. Either way, I have some great alternatives to your traditional ribbon or gift bow.

Tip # 3:
Use something a little less traditional. Like fabric! Cut, or tear, strips of coordinating fabric to  wrap around you gift like ribbon.
Or, if you have some ribbon scraps that are not long enough to go around the gift or make a bow, you can wrap 1 piece of ribbon or fabric around and then tie the ends around your scraps. Who needs a bow. Not me.
Or, maybe you don't have ribbon or fabric...but I can guarantee you have gift wrap. 'Cause you are wrapping gifts, duh. Well, use this little mini-tutorial below to use "gift wrap paper ribbons". No extra supplies required. Just gift wrap, scissors and tape. Easy. And cute.

These tips are definitely not huge and life changing, but they make my Christmas mornings a tad less crazy. And seriously, I need a lot of breaks in the mental health department this time of year.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Very great system you have going on. I should try implementing it next year. Pinning this to my Christmas board to save until then. I would love for you to come join my link party at
    I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
    Have a great weekend and happy holidays!
    Jenn @ IHeartHandsOn


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