Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finger Light Valentine

I love making Valentines for my kids.
They are 5, 6, and they totally have minds of their own.
Who cares about those little minds, right?
I mean, I care...but I don't.
Last year I made some cute LEGO heart necklaces and I still see kids wearing them at the school.
Now that is a win.

This year, I am doing a few different types of Valentines.
Today, I am going to share this simple, and fairly inexpensive Finger Light Valentine.

Basically, all you need are these Finger Lights, some treat bags, and the label (which I will include). I bought the finger lights from Amazon. They are $8.75 for 48. That is enough to do Valentines for 2 of my kids' classes. They also have more buying options, like this one, where you could easily do a lot larger quantity if you need to.

Anyways, back to the Valentines.

For the treat bags, I used some 3X4 clear Wilton brand treat bags. I got mine from the cake-decorating section at Walmart, and they were about $2 for 50 bags. You can also get them here, at Amazon.

Now here is the bag topper.

I am new to blogging, and have never done a "printable" on my blog. I design and print things for myself all the time, but for my blog this is new.
Be patient please.

First, right-click the label and choose "save image as..."
Next, name the image (something you can easily remember) and save to your computer.
Next, go into your photo viewing/editing software and open the image. I use Windows Live Photo Gallery.
Last, you will print the image as a 3.5x5 (is you are using the 3x4 bag). Before printing, it will give you the option to "fit picture to frame" will want to un-select this option. DO NOT fit picture to frame.

You will be able to get four labels per page. Once they are printed, trim around the black borders, and fold over your treat bags. Staple, and have your kids sign their name.
Easy, right?

I did the math, and to do 48 Valentines, I spent less than $0.25 per Valentine. Not bad, really.


  1. These are so great!!! My kids would love these. Thanks for sharing

  2. Haley, I absolutely love these Valentines! I'd love to include them in my printable Valentine roundup on One Creative Mommy this week. Would that be okay? I would use one image with a link to your site.

    1. Thanks! And yes...I would love it if you featured this Valentine! BTW, I checked out your blog too, and love your snowman Valentines from Frozen!

    2. Thanks, Haley! The roundup will go live sometime tomorrow. I'm glad you liked the Frozen Valentiens!

  3. Really cute! You did a great job! I'm visiting from the party on The Pin Junkie!


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