Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sea Creature Valentines

So last week, I posted some cute and easy Finger Light Valentines, which were a big hit!
As I mentioned before, I love DIY Valentines...and have a few different ideas planned this year.

That brings me to...Valentine number 2:
Sea Creature Valentines

So these are really quite simple to achieve. 
You will need some small sea creature toys, treat bags, and the printable bag topper I have included. 
*You could also use any other "sea" related item; like goldfish crackers, swedish fish, or some cute sea creature stickers.

I bought my sea creatures at Amazon. They were $12.02 for 90 sea creature toys. That will be enough for me to do Valentines for both of my boys classes, some kids at church, and have plenty of toys left over for my kids to keep. You could easily buy fewer sea creatures, based on how many you need.

I used Wilton brand 3x4 treat bags, which you can buy at Amazon, or at Walmart for $2 like I did.

So now we have the bag topper.
(There is one for kids to give to their friends, and one for teachers to give to their students.)

*This is designed to be printed as a 3.5x5 and used with the 3x4 treat bags. 

To print the bag topper:
1) Right-click the image and select "save image as...".
2) Name the image. (I called mine "vdaybagtopper")
3) Open the image using your computer's photo viewing/editing Windows Live Photo Gallery.
4) Now you will Print the image, as a 3.5x5, making sure to unselect "fit picture to frame". So you DO NOT want to "fit picture to frame". 

Once you have your bag toppers printed, they will look like this. 

You can use the very thin border as a cutting guide. I cut right on, or inside, of the border. You don't want to see it when they are cut out.

Now that you have your bag toppers ready, you can stuff your treat bags and staple the bag topper to the treat bag. 

Last, have your kids sign their name, for a personal touch, and you are done!

I hope you will check back in the next few days for a Mustache Valentine that I am making for my daughters class, and a Valentine for your kids to give to their won't want to miss them!


  1. I do love these! Thanks for sharing :) I pinned them!

  2. Thanks for sharing your printable valentines at The Pin Junkie. They were featured in today's Valentine's roundup. Please stop by to grab a featured button and don't forget to join the party this evening! Hope to see you there!

  3. thank you so much for this!! you saved me! we had made little beaded sea creature necklaces/bookmarks. this was perfect and adorable. will try and send you a pic of the final product if we can get them done in time for valentine's day.


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