Friday, May 9, 2014

End of the Year Teacher Gift Idea

So this week was Teacher Appreciation Week.
Obviously, it is now over.
So I am not calling this a "teacher appreciation" gift.
I am calling it an "end of the year teacher gift".
Hey, it works, right?
Whatever occasion you choose...teachers are amazing and really deserve whatever little gift you can afford to give. And I know they are very appreciative.
I made a cute little printable, which could be used for Teacher Appreciation, Christmas, end/beginning of the year, or even V-Day.
Over the last couple years I have given Starbucks gift cards, gift cards to a local yogurt shop called Spot On yogurt, and an assortment of other little gifts.
This year I really thought about it.
I volunteer in all 3 of my kids' classrooms so I sort of know their teachers.
I thought about giving each of the 3 teachers a different gift card.
But then I realized Amazon could really make everyone happy.
They can buy stuff for their classrooms, stuff for their kids, their homes, themselves, rent movies, buy e-books.....pretty much anything.
Did I ever mention I am in LOVE with Amazon?
(Just as a side note, if you shop on Amazon at all check out Amazon pick a charity and go to to shop and they will donate a % of every purchase you make to the charity of your choice. And you can be specific. I chose the Ronald McDonald House of Spokane Washington. Which is my favorite charity in the world because I lived there when my first baby spent almost 2 months in the NICU.)

So onto the printable.
I made this as a 4X6.
That is the perfect size to attach a gift card.

To print, follow these steps:
1) Right-click the image and select "save image as..."
2) Name the image. (I called mine "teacheramazon")
3) Open the image using your photo viewing/editing Window's Live Photo Gallery.
4) Now you will print the image as a 4x6, making sure to UNSELECT "fit picture to frame". (BTW, you can print any size as long as you unselect "fit picture to frame", but I chose 4x6)

Once you have your image printed, back it with some card stock and attach the gift card. You can obviously add ribbon, washi tape, or embellish any way that your heart desires. I kept it pretty simple, but it is still cute enough.

Real quick, I just want to give Amazon a little more love. It is one of the few shops where even just $5 can get something good. $5 is plenty to buy an e-book or rent a movie on Amazon Instant Video.