4 Most Annoying Pests in Your Household!

Every home is susceptible to pest of all kinds. Big, small, annoying, dangerous, and just plain gross are all qualities that are quite likely to find their way into your life via the walls that you feel most secure in. An infestation can happen at any time, right under your nose without your knowledge, but what can you do when a situation like that arises? The answer is quite simple: Call your local pest control. This guide will list four of the many pests that can be taken care of by pest control.

1. Ants

Nobody wants ants. They find their way into every hard to reach nook and cranny in your home, and are just generally uncomfortable to live around. Ants are attracted to sugary foods and meat, meaning they can infect your food with disease germs from elsewhere.

Plus, I’m sure many readers are not very keen on the idea of finding a swarm of bugs on their favourite snack. Pest control technicians will be able to successfully find the ant nest in your home and end the siege upon your kingdom by the tiny intruders.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are, in a word, disgusting. They have a tenacious sense of survival, allowing them to live in most conditions all year round, and they breed at an uncontrollable rate. They can take over even the cleanest of homes seemingly overnight, and will eat any type of food you have in your home. Not only is this gross, but it is dangerous as the roach is known to transmit salmonella bacteria which is responsible for food poisoning.

That doesn’t include the laundry list of disease that they can carry due to their fondness of crawling through refuse heaps and sewers. A pest control technician can use bug bombs to effectively clear your home of cockroaches, although some preparation will be needed. A step by step explanation of what you will need to do will be provided by your local pest control organization.

3. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are devilishly easy to contract, as they can travel in transportation, on clothes and luggage, and even new furniture. Once in your home, these common household pests can spread to every piece of furniture, clothing, and stuffed animal that you own.

Coming into contact with these little insects can leave you with itchy, unseemly bumps all over your body. Unfortunately, eliminating this pest isn’t as easy as others, requiring a minimum of two treatments, two weeks apart. Hopefully your pest control technician can solve the problem in a quick and easy manner.

4. Wasps

The very mention of a wasp nest can strike mortal fear into some, as many people are highly allergic to the vicious sting that they carry. That is why these nasty little monsters are best left to professionals. A nest found near or attached to your home may have thousands of the dangerous pests lying dormant, or even swarming, putting your family, your pets, and yourself at risk of painful stings if provoked. Once a treatment is administered by a pest control technician, the wasps may flee from the nest, or die within it. The technician will then be able to safely remove the unwanted fixture from your property.

While your are free to attempt removing these pests yourself, I think it can be safe to say that consulting a professional pest control business is the best direction to take. It can be hard, and potentially dangerous, to deal with these vermin without proper training or equipment. So please consider calling your local pest control before attempting any extermination on your own.

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4 Most Annoying Pests in Your Household!

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