4 Essential iPad Accessories You Will Love

One of the most convenient modern technologies available today is the tablet computer, more commonly shortened to and known as a tablet. Tablet computers pack a great deal of computing power into a conveniently sized mobile package. Among tablet brands, Apples iPad line reigns supreme with the largest market share and a constant flow of software support and hardware updates.

Out of the box, an iPad can access a large selection of content. Apple’s app store has more than 2.2 million apps available to enjoy, including media apps such as Netflix, and countless games. Apple’s various iPads possess a larger screen to work with than other smart devices, which greatly improves the media viewing experience. While an iPad is a great product out of the box, it can be further improved and customized with a wide range of available accessories. While there are countless customization possibilities, we’ll cover a few of the essentials that every iPad user should own.

1. Screen Protection

Like most touchscreen devices, an iPad’s screen is more than just a window through which you view content. Nearly all user interaction with an iPad is through its screen, which is a very delicate surface. In years past, the screens of touch devices were far more fragile than they are today, but maintaining the health of the devices touch screen is still an important part of owning an iPad.

A simple and inexpensive way to prevent damage to the screen is to use a screen protector. There many types of screen protectors available, ranging from softer plastic screens to tempered glass protectors. Whichever you choose, they provide an added layer of protection to the most important surface on an iPad.

2. Protective iPad Cases

Much like with smartphones, it’s a great idea to consider a case for your iPad. There are countless options to choose from, made with a multitude of materials. Tablets, though still delicate to a degree, are far sturdier than their smartphone cousins, which opens up the door for more cosmetically appealing options.

The most common types of cases are folio style and the more protective enclosure style. Enclosures fully seal an iPad within them, are far sturdier, and provide more protection than their folio counterparts. Though not as sturdy, folio cases are the more common of the two, and can easily be found in many styles and colours. Both cases have their benefits, and a common feature the two styles share is that they often come equipped with a stand for the iPad, to improve the media viewing experience.

3. Apple’s Smart Keyboard

The quintessential accessory for the iPad is the official Apple Smart Keyboard. Adding Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad opens up a world of possibilities, and allows you to get the most out of the computing power contained within. Apple’s keyboard is small and durable, connects using wireless technology, and most iPad cases contain a slot designed for it.

A keyboard makes it possible to use an iPad as a workstation, provides a superior interface for chatting, and makes browsing the web for long periods of time easier. By adding a keyboard, an iPad becomes a viable substitute for a laptop and even a home PC.

4. A Portable Charger or Docking Station

Battery life for the iPad is often noted to be best in class among tablet computers, but there are still times when the device’s battery runs low on the go. A portable charger can hold several hours of charge for an iPad, and can quickly get the battery back to full without the need to plug it in for an extended period. As an added bonus, many mobile chargers come in the form of docking stations, which regularly possess high-quality speakers for viewing media with improved sound.

There are many other iPad accessories available to users to help get the most out of their devices beyond the ones covered here. If you’re in the market for an iPad, or already possess one, with a bit of shopping and research, you too can enjoy the perfect personalized iPad to suit your needs.

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4 Essential iPad Accessories You Will Love

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