4 Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are Just Safer

Something most people to not think of when they enter a building is the structural integrity of it but the scary reality is buildings can collapse due to factors such as improper construction, weak foundations, inappropriate buildings materials used, and structural compromises due to acts of nature.

In addition to being versatile, convenient, and easy to install, there is one significant reason why more and more people are turning to pre-fabricated steel buildings to meet their needs: they offer a great degree of safety to its occupants. Whether you are looking to erect a garage, shed, or office on your property, there are many reasons why steel buildings are safer than other options.

1. Strong material

Steel is the strongest material in the world and as a result it offers durability that no other construction material can. Buildings made of it are almost half the weight of a wood, brick, metal, or concrete structure yet they are stronger and more durable than any of these other options.

When purchasing a pre-fabricated steel building, each piece meets strict standards when being manufactured, meaning your structure is guaranteed to stand strong. These components will not split, warp, twist, or decay which are all events that can potentially lead to a building’s structural integrity being compromised.

2. Fire resistant

Structures made of wood are obviously susceptible to fire and even if they are made of a more durable material such as brick or concrete, other elements included in its construction could still catch fire. Steel buildings are completely fire resistant which means that a fire would spread significantly slower, giving all occupants the opportunity to escape unharmed.

There is no chance that other components will catch fire in a steel building because none are present. Though steel is not known to attract lightning, in the unlikely event it does strike, the electricity immediately goes to the ground because of the steel’s low resistance, meaning a fire will have no chance to engulf the structure.

3. Unaffected by nature

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are an appealing option because they do not easily fall victim to acts of nature. In instances of high winds, earthquakes, and hurricanes, steel is more prone to twisting and bending rather than cracking and breaking. While the buildings will still have to be repaired after incidents such as these, it is better for it to be damaged and still standing than falling and possibly injuring people.

Steel buildings can withstand winds up to 160 kilometres per hour and snow, ice, and hail will have little impact on the roof of the building. Freezing and thawing has proven to degrade other materials such as lumber and concrete over time, causing it to weaken. This does not affect steel at all, allowing buildings made of it to remain robust and undeterred by weather and temperature changes.

4. Little maintenance

Buildings made largely of wood can fall victim to moisture and termites and concrete can eventually develop cracks. These issues lead to less structural integrity of buildings and will eventually lead to them failing or being condemned. The presence of wood in most buildings can also lead to the prevalence of mold and mildew that will eventually result in illness for occupants. Steel will never fall victim to such elements and as a result pre-fabricated buildings will never effect the health of anyone present.

Traditional building materials often require maintenance of the roof, foundation, and sides of a structure to prevent significant damage that will lead to the overall failure of the structure. Steel buildings do not suffer from daily wear and tear meaning once erected they will remain strong for years to come.

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4 Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are Just Safer

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