4 Ways to Run a Successful Call Centre

As technology improves and is ever-evolving, businesses need to keep pace with these changes. Those that adapt to it quicker and better will be in an advantageous position compared to their competitors. Call centres are no different. After all, it is a business and they need to use some pretty sophisticated equipment to run their business.

Apart from physical equipment, there are also ideas that can be implemented to create a smoother and high-functioning working environment. Here are some concepts that must be in place for a call centre to be successful.

1. Multi-Channel Operation

Any business that is good will know that the customer is king. Good (customer) service is of the utmost importance. This is why you should provide customers with different ways of contacting and communicating with you. This means that systems such as email, chat, self-service and perhaps even video should be put in place. This gives customers a choice with which they are comfortable with when they contact the call centre.

Technology should allow the business to handle multiple channels. In addition, a CRM (customer relationship management) should be in place to collect data to be used to personalize each customer’s experience.

2. Highly-Trained Associates

Call centre associates need to be highly trained and educated to offer the customer a good experience when they contact the centre. Customers will have various problems and questions for which they will need answers, and problems that they want solved. Only when the associates working in the call centre are educated on every aspect of the product or business can they perform their duties optimally.

It would help if an ongoing education process is in place, such as a training program, so that associates are well-informed. This gives associates the confidence in knowing that no matter what comes their way, they are able to handle it and help the customer.

3. Top Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in a call centre is critical. This not only catches anything that was wrong, but it can help improve an associate’s performance. With a good quality control system in place, associates will have to perform duties professionally and responsibly. You can catch things like someone swearing or raising their voice.

Call centre associates are also on the receiving end from the wrath of customers. How did they react to this wrath? Can they be trained in improving this reaction? Other bits of valuable information collected by quality control can help the marketing department as well. Quality control can achieve so much with the information it collects, which makes the whole business run much better.

4. Fun Environment

While it may still be a professional and serious environment, it is important that it also maintains a fun environment. Call centre work can be really hard and stressful, especially when dealing with the angry public. It will take the power of a saint to not lash out at customers who abuse them.

Whenever possible, some fun should be incorporated, which can also serve to enhance teamwork and build rapport. The call centre must have an enjoyable environment, otherwise, employees will not want to come to work and even if they are there, they may not want to work when they are feeling low and depressed and even angry.

Call centre associates need to be motivated and this places the onus on the supervisors and management. They need to come up with ways to look after their team. They are in the front line of fire, so having certain concepts in place will help to make for a good call centre.

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4 Ways to Run a Successful Call Centre

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