5 Golden Rules of Product Packaging

Between marketing, distribution, and sales, packaging is probably the last thing on your mind. Although it may seem like an afterthought, packaging plays a crucial role in your ability to sell your product. This blog post looks at some reasons why you need to pay special attention to your productsโ€™ packaging design.

1. Is Packaging Really That Important?

On average, about 95% of new products that hit the market fail. The reason why is that consumers usually donโ€™t have the time and arenโ€™t interested in comparing new products with existing solutions that they know work well. Packaging is worth your investment because it tells people why your product and brand are different before they even make a purchase. If you want to have a chance at standing out among the sea of products on store shelves, then you need packaging supplies that reflect the values held by your company.

Simply look at Miller Lite and how their return to 1970s packaging increased sales by 5 percent. Packaging is closely linked with your marketing and branding efforts. The following are four different reasons you need to make packaging a priority in your company.

2. Protect Your Items While En Route To Your Customers

Nothing damages your brand more than having your products arrive broken or damaged. If your packaging is unable to transport your products adequately, it sends a very poor message to your customers. Your packaging needs to be able to endure the transport process, vibrations, and compression from other items being piled on top during transport. Before considering the design of your packaging, you need to make sure the durability is up to snuff.

Working with a packaging supplies company is great because they can determine the optimal combination of box size and material to create a strong package. Depending on the type of product youโ€™re selling, youโ€™ll need a package that can keep your products fresh, safe and be appealing to the eyes.

3. Optimize Your Packaging Design For Your Demographic

Unfortunately, you canโ€™t just copy other packaging designs that have been successful. Part of creating the right packaging is knowing your audience. Companyโ€™s like Home Depot and Cabelaโ€™s embrace their audience by using bold, masculine colors. Apple caters to its audience by providing a sleek, almost futuristic packaging for their technology conscious audience. If you cater to an older audience, then you need to make sure your packaging is easy to open without assistance.

Letting your audience decide how you approach your packaging design makes it easier to create packaging that resonates with potential buyers. Working with a company that specializes in packaging supplies is an excellent way to put together your observations about your audience into a package that suits them.

4. Good Packaging Builds Your Brand’s Authenticity

Thereโ€™s nothing worse than buying a product because of cool packaging only to have the result look nothing like what was promoted. Baked goods companies are notoriously guilty of this; the final product rarely looks as appetizing as the image on the box. Every company does some editing to make their product look better on the packaging, but thereโ€™s a limit to how far you can go. When it comes to packaging your task is to present the product in the best way possible without giving a false image.

5. Create Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Taking charge of your packaging design also gives you the option to decide what kind of material to use. Recyclable packaging is good, but reusable packaging is even better. Products that come in reusable packaging tend to be held in higher esteem by consumers. According to a study by Nielsen, 55% of online consumers across 60 countries are willing to spend more on products from companies concerned about their environmental impact. Making your packaging from recycled materials and using a reusable design will help your packaging stand out.

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5 Golden Rules of Product Packaging

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