5 Interesting Ways to Improve Your Hearing

Hearing loss is quite troublesome. All people of varying ages suffer from hearing loss for various reasons. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to mitigate damage to your ears and improve your hearing. In this post, we’ll look at five different things you can do to try and improve your hearing!

1. Start Doing Yoga

Exercise is an essential practice if you want to improve your hearing. A lack of circulation in your ears is a common cause of hearing issues. Finding healthy ways to keep the circulation flowing will help improve your hearing. Improving circulation in your ears improves nerve function and your body’s ability to expel toxins.

Yoga already an excellent exercise but you can also find yoga routines specifically tailored to increase circulation. These yoga routines that focus on circulation will include poses such as cobra, triangle and tree pose which engage all parts of your body. Keeping your body active is an excellent way to combat the deterioration of your hearing.

2. Take On A New Mental Hobby

The brain plays a huge role in processing the auditory information that your ears pick up. When trying to improve your hearing, you can’t ignore your brain. Hearing loss may be connected to shrinkage of certain parts of your brain and damage to your neural connections. Finding ways to keep your mind stimulated is a good way to supplement your hearing.

Keep your mind engaged with puzzles such as sudoku, crosswords or word searches. The more challenging the game, the better it is for your mind. Learning new card games, getting good at poker or downloading a chess app on your phone are all excellent ways to engage your mind. Playing games like Scrabble, bingo or card games with your friends and family are all excellent ways to engage your mind.

3. Visit A Hearing Clinic

Hearing clinics are excellent for giving you a professional assessment of your current ear health. You can get advice that’s tailored specifically to your body by making a trip to a hearing clinic. They can administer tests to establish your baseline level of hearing. Going for regular checkups will help you figure out if your hearing is getting better or worse over time without having to guess. Hearing clinics are excellent resources to help you learn about how to keep your ears healthy.

4. Start Taking Vitamins

Β An interesting research study from the University of Michigan found that free radicals cause damage to the cells in your inner ear. Free radicals can come in contact with the tiny hairs inside your ear that help you hear and slowly destroy them over time. Exposure to loud noises is what causes your body to produce these free radicals.

Vitamins A, C, and E are excellent for stopping your body from producing the free radicals when exposed to loud noises. Taking magnesium alongside these vitamins also increases the protection. The study also found that taking this combination of vitamins can help reduce damage up to three days after being exposed to loud noise.

5. Stop Smoking

If you’re still smoking, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Smokers are 28% more likely to develop hearing loss when compared to non-smokers. Smoking restricts circulation by tightening your blood vessels and essentially starving the cells in your inner ear of oxygen.

Nicotine has also been linked to damaging your auditory neurotransmitters. The carbon monoxide and nicotine that you inhale with each cigarette simply isn’t worth it. Quitting will also significantly decrease your risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease. You won’t have much luck with hearing aids and natural remedies if you continue to smoke.

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5 Interesting Ways to Improve Your Hearing

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