5 Steps to Take Care of Your Braces

Taking care of your braces can be a difficult task, especially when you want to indulge in any tasty treat offered to you or feel too tired to go through the steps of a cleaning routine. However, taking proper care of your braces will leave you with a brilliant smile as a reward that you will not regret. The end result of straight teeth can change your smile and give you confidence you never had.

The following are some tips on keeping your braces in perfect condition so they give you your best possible smile.

1. Brush carefully and between your brackets

Dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth or flossing can be a big adjustment after getting braces put on. To ensure that you are not causing damage to your braces, you must be careful and cautious while brushing. Focus on taking the time to maintain dental hygiene by making sure to brush between and around your brackets. Take the time to brush twice a day and if possible after each meal.

2. Skip certain foods

If you are not careful, braces can be delicate and possibly breakable when eating certain foods. Try to stay away from sticky foods such as gummies, or caramel candies. These sticky foods can cling to your braces causing discomfort and possible breakage.

Also, stay away from hard foods like apples or corn on the cob. If you do decide to eat hard foods, make sure to cut them into small pieces so you are not putting direct pressure on the brackets but using your molars to bite and chew.

3. Stay on top of your appointments

Dentist appointments and orthodontic check-ups are something we all dread. However, it is crucial that you stay on top of your orthodontist appointments for check-ups and adjustments. An orthodontist needs to make adjustments to your braces throughout the duration of the treatment so they continue to work and benefit your smile.

These appointments are to make the required adjustments and to ensure that you have maintained proper cleaning and hygiene so no further problems occur.

4. Protect your mouth

Wearing braces does not mean that you have to stop doing the things you love, but it does mean that you have to be more careful. When doing activities that can cause harm to your face or mouth specifically, be sure to wear protection. For example, if you are playing soccer consider wearing a mouth guard, or when playing hockey make sure to wear a protective facemask.

Your orthodontist will often recommend that you purchase a customized mouth guard that is fitted to your teeth; this is highly protective and is comfortable during use. Keep your mouth protected to avoid damage to your braces and to prevent any further potential injuries.

5. Use the appliances

Before, after, and during braces there are often supplementary appliances that orthodontists give to their patients to enhance or maintain the end results. It can be hard to keep up and continuously wear all of these appliances, but they are very necessary and will give you the best possible outcome. Make sure to use all supplementary appliances for as long as recommended.

Talk to your orthodontist if you have any questions or concerns about how to take care of your braces. Taking care of your braces can be a tedious and difficult task, but good care creates a great end result. Proper maintenance will make them more comfortable, more effective, and a give you a shorter wear time. Follow these tips and get the smile that you deserve.

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5 Steps to Take Care of Your Braces

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