5 Ways to Clean Up Your Workplace Safety Hazards

Itโ€™s the underappreciated job that goes a long, long way. Outsourced office cleaning keeps your workplace clean, keeps the employee morale up, and can actually keep you out of court! Donโ€™t believe us? Here are a few ways that outsourced office cleaners can spare you a lawsuit:

1 โ€“ Commercial cleaning services keep industrial work places clean

Most would argue that the industrial workplace is where accidents are more likely to happen. A lot of these accidents come from improperly kept machinery or inadequate safety training, but it could also come from an unclean environment. It goes beyond carelessly leaving tools and machinery around for people to trip over or get caught on, if there are industrial spills like oil puddles on the operation floor, that could be a very serious hazard for someone to slip and fall on โ€“ especially when surrounded by potentially dangerous equipment.

Hiring an office cleaning service will ensure that all the necessary measures are taken to clear industrial spills whether theyโ€™re on the operation floor or in the surrounding office spaces. Donโ€™t lose workers for a few weeks to accidents that can easily be avoided.

2 โ€“ Commercial cleaning services deal with seasonal mess hazards

When winter rolls around, the cold isnโ€™t the only issue youโ€™re up against if youโ€™re a business owner that owns a property. If you have icy stairs or wet snow in the lobby, you can run into legal problems very quickly if customers, clients, or fellow employees slip and hurt themselves. A perfectly clean office is not only conducive to a well-functioning workplace, but it could keep you out of the courtroom.

3 โ€“ Eliminates clutter in the office

An unkempt office space can provide more tripping hazards than you might expect. Commercial cleaning services like Jan Pro Cleaning Services will keep the office space in top condition so that unfortunate accidents can be avoided. Office clutter can also perpetrate fire hazards. Similarly, clutter in an industrial setting can worsen fire incidents if more objects catch fire or prevent people from escaping the building as quickly as possible.

The last thing you want employees to do is to have to run an obstacle course if thereโ€™s a serious fire incident in the building. The business owner is required by law to keep the work place safe for their employees, and hiring on an office cleaning service to keep it de-cluttered can save the workplace and save you from an unsafe work conditions lawsuit.

4 โ€“ Commercial cleaning services are careful in their cleaning procedures

Itโ€™s the job of a commercial cleaning service to ensure that proper signs and warnings are put in place while a companyโ€™s location is being cleaned. For example, if a floor is being mopped, worker will make sure that a caution sign is put in place. Office cleaners are professionals who fully understand the importance of informing workers of potential slipping hazards.

If you clean the office yourself or have unqualified workers to do it, you not only run the risk of a sloppy job, but it could actually be very dangerous.

5 โ€“ They get the job done!

Finally, commercial cleaning services get the job done and get it done thoroughly. When you hire an outsourced cleaning service, you wonโ€™t lie awake at night wondering if the office is in tip top shape and that your employees and customers wonโ€™t come into the risk of any mess-related hazards. The best way to avoid an injury lawsuit is to make sure that you run an office where injuries are very unlikely to happen.

Itโ€™s better to have an outsourced cleaning service rather than have your own employees do the work since they probably wonโ€™t have the best training on what cleaning products to use in certain situations and may actually injure themselves using industrial cleaning products like bleach without the proper training.

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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Workplace Safety Hazards

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