5 Worst Quotes You Should Never Say to Your Lawyer

Are you facing a legal trial? For instance, let’s say you’re filing a lawsuit against your employer. Do you feel you have done your research to ensure you will win against them? Do not be too hasty when it comes to hiring an employment lawyer. Though they are in place to help serve you as an employee, without a โ€œgoodโ€ case, there is not much foundation to build off of.

When you are working with an employment lawyer, these are the top 5 things you should NEVER say to them:

1. โ€œThis will be easy.โ€

If it were really that easy, you would not need an employment lawyer to begin with. Do not demean or dismiss their professionalism as a result of the certainty you feel for your case. No matter how โ€œeasyโ€ you think it is, the legal issues behind your case are sure to overshadow any easiness of feeling accompanied with it.

2. โ€œIโ€™ve interviewed a bunch of other lawyers for this case.โ€

Yikes! If youโ€™ve interviewed as many lawyers as you say you have, then why would THIS employment lawyer want to take your case? If you enter the employment lawyerโ€™s office with this sort of attitude, they have the right to turn you away. They do not have to take your case. You do not need to come off like you are that important in order for an employment lawyer to take your case. Present yourself as genuine. It will pay off in so many ways in the long run.

3. โ€œI will not settle for less than a million dollars.โ€

Do not be unrealistic when it comes to settling. Again, having a genuine and real mindset when it comes to any work with a lawyer is important. Though what is happening to you to bring you to an employment lawyer may feel dramatic and unwarranted, the treatment you give your lawyer should not be the same.

Your lawyer is here to help you and help to get the most realistic outcome out of your case. Do not be so blind as to believe they can produce a unicorn at the end of the race. A horse is a horse.

4. โ€œThey will settle. They donโ€™t want any bad press.โ€

Again, with the arrogance, we see. Though it may be true that the company wants to avoid bad press, do not assume they do not have lawyers on their ends working to avoid this exact problem. If your company is small, you should still not be so quick to assume they will settle with you.

Odds are, they know you as well as you know the company. You never know what their side of the argument exactly is and how they could steer your case. Your lawyerโ€™s responsibility will be to produce the best result for you and be strategic. Do not try and do this yourself โ€“ thereโ€™s a reason youโ€™re working with a lawyer.

5. โ€œOther lawyers are cheaper.โ€

Then why are you still looking with us? Do not be so narrow-minded as to believe this employment law firm desperately needs your case to survive. Odds are, you need them more than they need you. If price is your number one priority, you may not have the best outcome. Settling for a cheaper lawyer may prevent a quality outcome. Do your research about the firm before you make a final decision on who will represent you in your employment case.

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5 Worst Quotes You Should Never Say to Your Lawyer

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