6 Illnesses You Can Treat With Naturopathy

Naturopathic doctors are becoming more prevalent in today’s society as more people look for alternative ways to treat a variety of ailments and diseases. If you’ve ever wondered what a naturopath can do for you, here are six illnesses or conditions that a naturopath may be able to help you with:

1. Allergies.

Allergies can manifest in a number of ways such as upset stomach, skin rash, headache and in some instances, anaphylactic shock. For most allergies, once they have been determined, a process of desensitization can be performed allowing your body to better tolerate the allergen. For allergies which cause anaphylactic shock a more immediate resolution is needed, usually by using an Epipen.

2. Arthritis.

Arthritis is a painful condition experienced by a large number of people. It is usually caused by the degeneration of a joint. A naturopath can provide treatments in a variety of ways, including Β injection therapies which treat the root cause of arthritic pain. They do this by strengthening the connective tissue, which then stops the degenerative process. An orthomolecular protocol for treating arthritis can also provide assistance and is tailored for each patient’s specific needs. Orthomolecular protocols, in general, provide the body with the optimal amounts of substances which are naturally occurring in the body.

3. Cancer.

Naturopathic treatments for cancer are numerous and varied. For the most accurate information, speak with your naturopathic doctor to see which one(s) are best suited to your individual case. Find out what you can about the types of hyperthermia cancer treatments high dose Vitamin C treatments, mistletoe therapy, ozone therapy and a wide range of different IV treatments.

4. High blood pressure.

High blood pressure can contribute to a wide range of problems including heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or aneurysm. To control your blood pressure naturally, a naturopath can use techniques including herbal medicines or nutritional support such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They can also use a technique known as Myers Push. This method provides an intravenous dose of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, selenium, vitamin C, B vitamins and calcium, which allows the body to absorb much higher concentrations than if ingested orally.

5. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

IBS causes symptoms like abdominal pain or bloating and discomfort but is generally thought to be a treatable digestive tract problem, unlike other more serious bowel conditions. Implementing diet and lifestyle changes is largely successful in reducing the symptoms of IBS. Reducing stress and eliminating foods that can trigger symptoms (such as caffeine, fatty or processed foods, and alcohol) can go a long way in reducing the frequency of symptoms.

6. Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is most often caused by the introduction of a bacteria, and is usually associated with tick bites. Symptoms mimic a variety of other diseases and can be hard to diagnose. Some of the symptoms include fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, headaches or weakness or tingling sensations. Talk to your naturopathic doctor about what treatment is best suited to your situation. Ask about the different IV treatments they can provide, including hydrogen peroxide treatment, high dose Vitamin C therapy, amino acid therapy or any others they may recommend for you.

Naturopathic doctors are specially trained in a more holistic approach to health and well-being. If you’re not satisfied with the traditional treatments you’re receiving, search out a naturopath and see if there are alternative approaches to getting your health back that may work for you.

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6 Illnesses You Can Treat With Naturopathy

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