6 Simplistic Ways to Enhance a Boring Bedroom

It’s easy for the style and ambiance of your bedroom to get old. Your bedroom can act as a sanctuary where you go to recover and hide from the madness of the world. If you find the appeal of your bedroom stagnating, use these six tips to help improve the ambiance!

1. Find Unique Was To Organize Your Stuff

Putting measures in place to organize your things goes a long way to improving your room. If you don’t have a system for your things, it’s far too easy for clutter to spiral out of control, especially if you have a lot of stuff in your room. It’s ok to have a few stacks of books or magazines resting against the wall, but if you have clothes, water bottles and papers everywhere, you need to get organized.

Try getting a long container that you can store under your bed. Getting a bed with a high frame is useful for the storage aspect. You can use a bed skirt to hide your impromptu storage area. Get as many bins as you need to free up some space in your room. Baskets that you can hang your closet are another unique storage solution.

2. Include Artwork In Your Room

Art is excellent for expressing yourself and enhancing your environment. If you already have art in your room, consider rotating the pictures or replacing some of the pieces. Large statement pieces usually work well directly over your bed. Make sure the artwork is adequately secured, so it doesn’t fall while you’re sleeping.

Anywhere you see empty space on your walls is an opportunity to experiment. Try creating a gallery effect by hanging up different photos of varying sizes. You can also hang a tapestry to add a sense of softness. Tapestries are great for injecting colors and exciting patterns to your room.

3. Invest In Unique Sources Of Light

Interesting light sources can make a huge the difference in your room. Oddly shaped lamps with unique lampshades are an excellent way to enhance how light appears in your room. LED strip lights also add an interesting ambiance when you place them under your desk or bookshelf. If you already have an old lamp, you can simply add a new lampshade to influence the decor and spread of the light.

4. Get A Nice Rug

Buying an area rug is a great way to inject a sense of warmth in your room, especially if you have hardwood floors. In fact, rugs will help insulate your room during the winter saving you money on heating costs. A nice rug will also dramatically change the appearance of your room, especially if you buy a rug with bold colors.

5. Look For Foldable Bedroom Furniture

Folding bedroom furniture is excellent for making the most out of a limited space. Investing in a couch that has a storage area makes keeping your room organized simple.

You can also get a futon that can transform into individual chairs, a couch or a bed. When buying foldable furniture, look for quality materials such as steel, bamboo or wood.

6. Add A Mirror

Mirrors are excellent multi-functional items to add to your room. They reflect light which helps your room appear brighter and feel bigger. Hanging a large mirror can be a unique substitute for a piece of art. Hanging a mirror in front of a tapestry can also have an interesting effect.

Another unique way to use mirrors is to create a gallery effect with mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Doing a gallery with mirrors allows significantly more light in your room. Experiment where you place your mirrors to see if you can create different effects.

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6 Simplistic Ways to Enhance a Boring Bedroom

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