7 Best Dogs for Cats Living in the Same Home

Many people are ‘dog’ people and many others are ‘cat’ people. There are those who love to have the best of both worlds. We have always been shown that dogs and cats just don’t get along, particularly in cartoons. However, dogs and cats can not only live together in the same household, sometimes, they are the best of friends!

Initially, you will want to play it cautious and supervise the animals. So, let’s just say you have a cat and want to get a dog now, there are certain dog breeds that are thought to get along well with cats. It will be worth investigating further, so that you can all have a better chance of living harmoniously. Some dogs are thought to have a good chance of getting along with a cat.

Remember, some dogs are hunters, while others like to herd. Certain dogs may have traits that could irritate a cat. Some dogs like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Jack Russells or dogs that have been guard dogs may not be a good fit. However, if both the dog and the cat are introduced to each other early in life, then it can make a huge difference.

Below are the seven best dogs for cats living in the same home:

1. Beagle Dog

The Beagle is one of the best dogs for cats. When you realize that the Beagle used to hunt in packs, it may not be surprising that they tend to get along with other animals. They are happy dogs and are a medium size. They are loving dogs and will most likely get along with a cat and live happily with them, side by side. Beagles are friendly and curious. They will probably enjoy the experience of meeting your cat.

2. Pug Dog

Pugs are among the best dogs for cats, since they are very loving and enjoy snuggling. This means they will most likely snuggle up with the cat. Some people have even said that their cat actually naps on top of the Pug! How cute is that? Pugs are great with kids as well, so chances are, they will get along well with the cat. Besides, they are not big dogs, so cats may not be too intimidated. Besides, cats tend to be the boss a lot of the time. They can take care of themselves. One blood-curdling hiss and the Pug will probably back off!

3. Golden Retriever Dog

The Golden Retriever is a large and strong dog. They are also very intelligent and make great family pets. They get along very well with kids. These dogs can make a good companion for different breeds of cats. Golden Retrievers are easy to train and can be very patient.

Remember, this breed is used a lot all over the world as a service dog. The breed is considered a cat-friendly dog. They can be very tolerant. Even when they play with your cat, the Golden Retriever will probably not be rough.

4. Bulldog

All dogs are wonderful and beautiful. Some people might not agree and say that the Pug or the Bulldog has a face that only a mother can love (we don’t really care for such people anyway). However, a Bulldog, as hard as it is to believe, actually has a good temperament. That makes them a great candidate for someone wanting to bring in a new dog to meet their cat.

The Bulldogs are generally very friendly, and they are the best dogs for toddlers or young children. They have an easygoing personality. That means they will most likely end up being good pals with the cat. You may catch them snuggling with each other as they take a nap. In fact, Bulldogs are probably one of the best choices for those with cats.

5. Bichon Dog

The Bichon Frise is a small, white fluffy dog that is just a happy, lovable breed. They should see a cat as a playmate. Again, a lot may depend on the cat. If the cat is playful, then it should not be a problem. The thing is, a Bichon may be too playful and if the cat just wants to be left alone, then the cat may hiss and strike out.

Bichons make wonderful family pets. They can live for around 15 years or more if they stay healthy. If you have a cuddly cat, these are the best dogs for cats living under the same roof.

6. Papillon Dog

This is a small breed with butterfly ears, hence the name. Papillon is a French word meaning butterfly. These dogs are curious and happy little things. There’s a good chance that they will see a cat as a friend. They love to get involved with whatever the family is doing. Even if the cat is involved, expect the Papillon to take a front seat.

7. Labrador Dog

This may be a large and strong dog, but it is also one of the best dogs that are good with cats. They can live for 10 to 12 years. Males can weigh as much as 80 pounds and the females up to 70 pounds. Despite their strength, they can be pretty easygoing and get along with other animals. They are intelligent dogs and can be quite gentle. These dogs are great with old people and kids as well. Even if the cat is bossy and throws its weight around, the Labrador will probably be gentle and take it all.

Keep an eye on food though. You may want to keep the cat’s food away from the dog. A cat’s food may have a higher fat content. This may make it more appealing and yummy to a dog. While it may be funny and cute to see the dog tuck into the cat’s food, it could cause problems for your dog. This could cause long-term nutritional imbalance. Try to keep things separate. Too much fat could also trigger an attack of pancreatitis, so stay diligent and firm.

As with any dog you get if you have a cat, make sure to be patient and be there to supervise. This helps to keep everyone safe. It also helps if you know what your cat is like. Certain terriers may not get along with cats, but it does help if the cat is also somewhat mellow and aloof. In general, just about any dog will get along with a cat they live with as long as the cat is also willing to accept the dog!

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7 Best Dogs for Cats Living in the Same Home

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