7 Deadly Dangers of Water Pollution

Any form of water pollution can be dangerous to humans and animals which is why it is so important to treat it with the most stringent guidelines. With so many people on earth, plus the fact that water is used every day for all kinds of other reasons in the industrial world, it will get contaminated. This is why it needs to be treated because it is reused in many ways and measures must be taken to make sure it is safe.

Even if this water is not used for consumption, it must still be treated even if it is used for something else, since the dangers could still be present and here are some of these dangers.

1. Dangers From Industrial Use

A lot of industrial processes involve the use of water. This water can be heavily polluted with heavy metals and other toxic material. These metals can accumulate in rivers and lakes and affect marine life. When humans consume this marine life, they too can be affected. This doesn’t mean that a person will eat a fish and collapse, but over time, they will be affected.

Heavy metals can cause severe birth defects and also slow proper development. They are also carcinogenic, meaning, they have the potential to cause cancer.

2. Microbial Pollutants

Sewage will contain microbial pollutants which is a major problem in some of the developing countries. In these countries, the mortality rate of infants from diseases such as typhoid and cholera is high. Microbial pollutants can also affect aquatic life and in turn, affect humans.

3. Lack Of Enforced Policies

One big danger of water pollution, especially from the industrial world is the fact that there is very little stringent policies in place and is therefore bypassed or not observed. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. This is more common in developing and underdeveloped countries.

The authorities themselves are not enforcing these laws and policies and these industries are getting away with breaking these laws. They manage to dump all these pollutants while realizing the danger it can cause.

4. Using Outdated Technology

Many industries are still using outdated technology which causes more pollutants unlike the more modern technologies. Unfortunately, as always, money will be the real reason when you dig deep. These industries do not want to spend on modern technology which will drastically reduce pollutants.

These industries either cannot afford to spend on modern technology and even if they can, they would much rather use outdated methods and keep the money in their pockets.

5. Agriculture

Pollution from the agricultural industry include fertilizers and pesticides. Pesticides in particular make use of harsh chemicals and these are washing into surface and ground water. These eventually make their way into rivers and lakes.

6. Fuel

In the fuel industry, the dangers from gasoline and oil finding their way into water sources are through leaks. In fact, even regular use can also cause this, especially when small leaks are not repaired or go unseen for a long time.

7. Textile Industry

As unbelievable as this may sound, even the textile industry can pose dangers to water, either through dumping or accidents. For example, there may be asbestos in wastewater in textile factories that can end up in rivers and lakes. Asbestos is a carcinogenic substance capable of causing mesothelioma, a deadly cancer.

The thing is, any industry is capable of causing a danger to water. They can decrease it with some of their practices and following legal guidelines. Some do, but there will always be those who don’t. It’s very important for water treatment systems to be managed properly to ensure your own health and safety.

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7 Deadly Dangers of Water Pollution

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