7 Most Popular Uses of a Self Storage Unit

Self storage units are an economical location for individuals to store their assets and other belongings in a secure and protected environment. However, you may be thinking, why donโ€™t I just keep my things at home or at my office?

Oneโ€™s home or office is a great place to store your valued belongings, but sometimes you need more space or an alternative location. Below are seven reasons why people use self storage units.

1. Moving

In theory, you would assume that moving from one house to another would be simple because you just take all your things to the new house within a day. Unfortunately, in reality, itโ€™s not always that simple.

Usually there are delays in the moving process which means that you will need a temporary space to put all of your things. Self storage units are very helpful in this case, you can use the units to store your things in the interim periods when youโ€™re moving.

2. Personal Relationship Changes

If you are in the process of terminating a personal relationship involving cohabitation, usually one partner will have to leave the premise for understandable, or even legal, reasons. Because youโ€™re essentially in the process of moving, self storage units come in handy when youโ€™re looking for new accommodation.

On the other hand, if you are in the process of moving in to a new space as a result of a personal relationship involving cohabitation, you may not need all of the things you have in your new home. In this case, self storage units are a great place to store the things you arenโ€™t using in your new home.

3. Renovations

If youโ€™re renovating your home, itโ€™s likely that you donโ€™t have excess space for furniture, carpets and appliances that needs to be removed from the renovation area. All of your furnishings need to be moved so they donโ€™t get damaged while the renovations are happening.

A self storage unit is a perfect, safe space for your furnishings while home improvements are going on. Self-storage units can be used for furniture storage for any other renovation space too, such as office or building improvements.

4. Frequently On The Go

Some people are frequently on the go which means they require short-term accommodation. Often, it is too impractical to move all of their valuables everytime they go on a new trip.

Self storage units are an easy solution for those that are away frequently. Usually, people in this situation can negotiate a rental contract for the duration of time they require.

5. Equipment and Vehicles

Individuals or businesses that use equipment on a seasonal basis generally donโ€™t want to have these items cluttering their home or office space when theyโ€™re not in use. Self storage units come in handy for storing seasonal items during the period of the year when theyโ€™re not being used.

The same goes for seasonal vehicles such as sports cars, motorcycles or boats. Keep in mind that special terms may apply for certain vehicle types.

6. Business Supplies

Offices or warehouses can be very costly for businesses, especially for small companies and entrepreneurs. Instead, some businesses find it easier to use self storage units to store samples, inventory, business archives and other important documents.

Many self storage unit companies provide a โ€˜mini warehouseโ€™ environment which is often inexpensive compared to regular warehouses. In addition, these mini warehouses are accessible at all times and provide a high level of security.

7. Running Out of Space

Simply put, sometimes individuals run out of space at their office or home and they need extra storage space. Self storage units are ideal for these people especially because it gives them the opportunity to declutter their existing spaces.

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7 Most Popular Uses of a Self Storage Unit

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