8 Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization Treatments

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, has already helped thousands of infertile couples achieve their goal of starting a family. Here are 8 of the many benefits of turning to in vitro fertilization treatments so you can finally be able to conceive a child.

1. IVF can bypass damaged fallopian tubes

In many cases, a woman has damaged fallopian tubes, which means it’s difficult for them to become pregnant. When they turn to in vitro fertilization treatments, they can get pregnant even if their partner’s sperm are not able to navigate through their damaged tubes.

2. It makes things easier for men with a low sperm count

In other cases, a couple’s infertility can be explained by the low sperm count of the man. Since fertilization happens outside of the body, in vitro fertilization treatments make it easier for the sperm to find the woman’s egg.

3. IVF helps overcome unexplained infertility

In vitro fertilization treatments can also give hope to couples who are struggling with unexplained infertility. Even if the reasons for their infertility can’t be diagnosed at the moment, and never will be, IVF can still allow them to successfully conceive a child of their own.

4. It’s not always necessary to use a donor’s eggs

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If a woman is infertile because she nas no ovaries, IVF will allow her to use the eggs of a donor. Using a donor’s eggs can be a good alternative in some situations, but it’s not always necessary. Many women who turn to IVF will be taking hormones that will cause them to produce many eggs.

5. IVF can help older women get pregnant

Women who are older than 42 years old will have better chances at becoming pregnant if they decide to trust in vitro fertilization treatments, which may boost their fertility. However, they might need to use eggs donated by a younger woman if they want the procedure to be successful.

6. It can allow women to have a child after being treated for cancer

Chemotherapy can destroy a woman’s eggs. If a woman is about to undergo chemotherapy to treat cancer, she can decide to have some of her eggs collected and saved before it’s too late, so they can be used for IVF after her treatment is successful.

7. The treatments can be repeated until they’re successful

If in vitro fertilization treatments are not successful on the first try, they can be repeated. Even though IVF might not work for every couples, the procedures will have a higher chance of success if they are performed under optimal conditions.

8. IVF makes it possible to choose the healthier embryos

Couples who are afraid of passing on genetic disorders to their children can turn to IVF because it will make it possible for them to have their fertilized embryos tested. They will then be able to choose the healthier embryos to be implanted into the woman’s uterus in hope that she will become pregnant.

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8 Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization Treatments

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