8 Career Perks of Dental Assistants

Are you contemplating a career change, or trying to figure out what your dream job is? You should think about the benefits of becoming a dental assistant. Here are 8 reasons why you should take dental assistant courses.

1. Becoming a dental assistant is easy

Becoming a dental assistant is quite easy. Dental assistant courses should only take you one or two years, and if you crave more knowledge, there are some continuing education courses you can take. After completing an internship, you can start searching for work.

2. Dental assistants make a respectable income

As a dental assistant, you should be able to make a very respectable income. Of course, you shouldn’t choose a career based only on the salary you are hoping to earn, but it never hurts to know that you will be able to make a comfortable living.

3. Dental assistants can find jobs easily

It’s also good to know that you should have no trouble finding a job after you are done with your dental assistant courses. Since more people are keeping their original teeth nowadays, the need for dental assistants specializing in dental maintenance will only keep increasing.

4. Dental assistants have flexible work schedules

Depending on where they work, dental assistants can generally enjoy flexible schedules. Some of them even choose to work part-time, or to work only in the evenings. As a dental assistant, you should be able to get a work schedule you are fully happy with.

5. Dental assistants enjoy great work conditions

Dental assistants also enjoy great work conditions. They always work in a clean environment, and they wear gloves, eyewear and masks to protect them from diseases when they are interacting with their patients. Unless they choose to work part-time, they can enjoy a 40 hour work week.

6. Dental assistants are never bored

Dental assistants develop many different skills during their courses, and they have a lot of responsibilities at work. They get to assist the dentist, to sterilize instruments, to support patients, and to take and develop x-rays; there is no time to get bored when you work as a dental assistant!

7. Dental assistants get to interact with patients

If you love interacting with people on a daily basis, you will have a very fulfilling career as a dental assistant. They get to speak with patients of all ages, to explain them different procedures, and to provide them with some support when they need it. They also get to know that they have made a difference in these people’s lives.

8. Dental assistants enjoy many advancement opportunities

When you get started as a dental assistant, you have the knowledge that you will be presented with different advancement opportunities throughout your dental career. You could easily decide to pursue your dental studies to become a dentist, or to start working in a dental laboratory. You can also, of course, decide to keep enjoying being a dental assistant.

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8 Career Perks of Dental Assistants

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