8 Details You Should Inspect in a Used Car

Many people check the vehicle identification number of a used vehicle before buying it, so they can get that vehicle’s full history report. However, there are other things you should pay attention to before buying a used car. Here are 9 things you should do before sealing the deal.

1. Check the frame of the car

Before you even try to learn more about a used car, pay attention to its paint job. If you notice rust, scratches or dents, you might want to ask a few questions to the seller to try to understand what happened.

If the paint job looks good, pay attention to the frame of the car. If any parts of the car’s frame are damaged, or simply don’t line up, this is a sign that the car has certainly been involved in a collision.

2. Take a good look at the tires

Of course, it’s possible to replace old tires with new ones, but if you notice that the tires of the used car are not worn evenly, this could be a sign of bad alignment. This is why you should take a good look at the tires.

3. Look under the hood of the car

You should also check under the hood of the car. Even if you don’t know much about car engines, hoses and belts, you should at least be able to tell if anything is leaking, or looks damaged.

4. Inspect the inside of the car

If everything looks fine on the outside, it’s time to get inside the car to see if everything looks fine as well. Don’t forget to check the odometer of the car to see if it has a lot of mileage.

5. Test the car

If everything looks fine inside the car, take it out on the road for a test drive. This will help you figure out if the car is in good condition, and if you enjoy driving it.

6. Check the driver’s license and the car’s title

Ask the seller to show you their driver’s license as well as the title of the car. If the name and address on both documents don’t match, this means that the person trying to sell this car to you is not the owner of the car, and you should probably walk away.

7. Check the vehicle identification number of the car

Checking the vehicle identification number of the used car will allow you to get a vehicle history report, which will provide you with more comprehensive data through the VIN look up. Learning more information about the accident and insurance history of the car will help you decide if you should buy it, or search for a better option.

8. Get the car inspected by a mechanic

Finally, it’s always a good idea to ask a mechanic to carefully inspect the used car for you. Be sure to hire a mechanic you trust, so you will be able to rely on their opinion and advice. This final inspection will help you make your decision.

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8 Details You Should Inspect in a Used Car

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