8 Fertility Boosting Foods for Men and Women to Eat

We are not having children the way we used to. Sure, many couples are choosing not to have children, but there are also other factors at play: infertility. It is estimated that one-fifth of the Canadian population suffers from some form of infertility issues, and the numbers are only increasing as the years go by. The reasons do vary, from the deplorable diets we maintain to our poor lifestyle habits (lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.). Does this mean perpetual infertility? Not quite.

You can be proactive now to ensure that you and your significant other can conceive and spend the next several years with zero sleep, heightened irritability, and constant frustration.

Here are eight fertility boosting foods for men and women to add to their diets:

1. Big Breakfast

A big breakfast is the best fertility boosting food to start off the day. However, let’s be honest: a big breakfast does not entail a Tim Hortons or Starbucks run, unless you’re actually ordering a big breakfast and not just a bagel and coffee.

So, what does a big breakfast consist of? Well, you want to have plenty of protein:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Whole grains toast
  • Oatmeal

And that type of breakfast will give you everything you need to survive the day, and boost fertility. If you don’t have time or the appetite for a big breakfast, make sure you eat something to start off the day, even if it’s just a bowl of your favourite cereal brand.

2. Multivitamins

Let’s be honest: we don’t do a great job with our vitamin intake. While we concentrate on vitamin A and C, we’re neglecting B and D – and vice versa. It can be hard to determine what you’re getting and what you’re missing. The simple solution is to take multivitamins, which gives you everything you need.

Moreover, if you’re a woman, then it is imperative to take a prenatal vitamin. Vitamins are great fertility boosting foods especially for women.

3. Asparagus

Yes, asparagus isn’t the cheapest vegetable to purchase at the supermarket, but it is certainly one of the most nutrient-packed superfoods around. It contains very little calories, it fills you up and boosts fertility vital nutrients.

Just take a gander at what a single cup of boiled asparagus will do for you:

  • 60 percent of your daily folate.
  • 100 percent of your daily vitamin Kin.
  • 20 percent of vitamins A, B, and C.
  • 20 percent of selenium (crucial for male fertility).

One piece of advice: skip the canned asparagus. It might be affordable, but it’s cheap for a reason. Organic asparagus are much better for fertility boosting than canned asparagus.

4. Oysters

Who knew oysters would be such a good fertility boosting food? Anytime a publication, a health expert, or a television network discusses foods that are great for your health, including enhancing fertility, oysters are on the list. It makes sense if you realize that six raw oysters contain 408 percent of vitamin B-12, 188 percent of daily zinc, and, most important of all, 187 percent of daily selenium.

5. Nuts & Seeds

All nuts and seeds are great for your health, but some are better than others. There are some certain nuts and seeds that are ideal for boosting fertility.

What are the best ones for your fertility?

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Pecans

Just remember that peanuts are not on that list.

6. Eggs

Eggs are excellent fertility boosting foods. What’s inside an egg? B-vitamins, omega-3 fats, and lean protein. These are all essential for fertility. But if you really want to take advantage of an egg, then be sure to imbibe the yolk.

When you do get pregnant, choline reduces the chance of birth defects.

Of course, you need to be careful how many eggs you eat since you don’t want higher cholesterol. This isn’t β€œCool Hand Luke,” you know?

7. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a classic breakfast staple, but it is a beverage that is slowly vanishing from households everywhere, mostly because of its sugar content. That said, a glass of orange juice is great for you, especially when it is fortified with folate and vitamin D.

Moreover, a good old glass of OJ improves semen health and egg health.

8. Limit Caffeine

Wait, wait, wait. You’re probably thinking right now, β€œYou want me to cut the number of coffees I drink in a day? You might as well tell me that I need to chop off my arm, move to the Northwest Territories, and listen to Britney Spears all day long.”

Well, perhaps it isn’t that bad, but if your life goal is to have kids, then we’d recommend limiting your caffeine consumption because studies have found it affects fertility, adds at least nine months to get pregnant, and there are higher chances of miscarriage.

Think of it this way: when the children are here, you’ll be living off of coffee – be ready to drink at least four cups of coffee a day just to survive.


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8 Fertility Boosting Foods for Men and Women to Eat

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