8 Handy Packing Tips for Summer Camp

Preparing for a summer camp can be exciting, especially for the kids. It can be even more exciting if this is your first summer camp. Whichever way you look at it, you have an adventure of a lifetime on your hands. You, however, need to prepare adequately to make sure every angle is covered. The following tips should help you get ready for a memorable summer camp adventure.

1. Start Packing Now

The sooner you begin packing for a summer camp, the better. Summer camp organizers release lists of the items you need to bring along months in advance. You should, therefore, start packing your supplies as soon as you get the list. It’s always important to avoid the last-minute dash.

2. Be As Calm As Possible

Don’t fret too much about packing. Stay calm and start packing as soon as you can. This is important, especially if your kids are coming along with you. A summer camp is fun. Avoid packing tension into it. Your kids can pick it up pretty fast. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the packing, spread the task over time, logging in realistic chunks of time per day, say, 15 minutes. Should you forget anything, don’t worry; you can always pick it up along the way or at the camp store.

3. Bring Along Old Clothes and Gear

Traditionally, summer camps are tough and rough. Having fun also means getting down and dirty; hiking, rolling on the grass, etc. This can exert a lot of strain and stain on your wear. Bring along old clothes that you can trash after the trip. Pack whatever wear you don’t mind throwing away after the camp. You should, however, bring along a good quality sleeping bag to keep you warm and happy throughout the camp duration.

4. Involve Your Child in the Packing Process

It is important to involve your child in the packing process since, once at the campsite, they will be responsible for their stuff. Let them understand that it’s their responsibility to take care of their stuff while at the camp.

5. Get Good Quality Labels

Having a label maker or buying quality ready-made labels is key to ensuring that all your items are properly marked.

6. Pack Extra Underwear, Socks, and T-shirts for the Kids

It is important to bring along extra briefs, socks and t-shirts for the kids. Of all the campers, kids get dirty the most. They play hard and more often; and since you may not know what the laundry provisions are at the camp, carry extra essential wear for the kids.

7. Pack Sunglasses and Hats

You will need to bring enough hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Buying them from the camp store could be very expensive, and you might not get the right one.

8. Get the Kids Bags They Can Carry

While your child will need help hauling their luggage along, choose a bag they can carry by themselves. They need to understand that they are responsible for their luggage. A lightweight duffel bag is a good choice since it’s roomy and can be squeezed under a bunk.

Packing for a summer camp can be fun if you do it right. Rather than wait for the last-minute dash, start packing as soon as you get the camping list from the organizers. It is better to pack over time, checking each list off the list as you go. At the end of the day, you may still forget to pack an important item. Don’t fret. You can pick it at the camp store or along the way.

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8 Handy Packing Tips for Summer Camp

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