9 Benefits of Mobile Form Apps

In today’s demanding, high tech society, it is important that company owners be on top of their services and products. Traditional methods for collecting and sharing data often lead to mistakes and missed information that can be quite costly to some.

Many businesses have moved to more efficient methods of keeping records by using sophisticated software applications. From the desktop or laptop, staff can access all the information needed about products, inventory, dispatch schedules, services calls, maintenance schedules, income, and expenses, and other data related to your business. Software programs help companies run more efficiently and save money.

For those who work in the field, if do not always have access to a laptop or desktop computer, a mobile forms app can help meet your needs. With a mobile application, real time information is always available to those who need the information for their job. Mobile app forms have many benefits for your entire team including:

1. Information Sharing

Everyone who needs access to the information can see it quickly and in real time through the app. Current data can be shared quickly so everyone stays informed and up-to-date on information and services.

2. Dispatch Forms

Jobs can be dispatched more quickly through the online app. Once an assignment is called in, it can be sent to the proper personnel quickly and efficiently so customers do not have to wait, and companies do not risk losing valuable business.

3. GPS and Time Stamps

The app can automatically track the location and time spent on service calls. This helps business owners track work records, and calls completed. It is also vital information that can be used for auditing purposes.

4. Photo Sketch and Capture

Jobs that require taking pictures of specific items or locations then making notations or markings on the image can do so easily and effectively with the built-in photo sketch and capture feature on the app. Pictures can be taken and uploaded effortlessly and then used for diagrams or maps to help design and implement work plans. These images can also be shared with all the team members, so everyone has current and accurate information.

5. Signature Capture

Traditional models for signing authorizations is time consuming and can hinder progress. Using the built-in signature capture feature helps employees get authorization quickly for jobs or purchases so their work process is not delayed.

6. Auto Calculations

Mobile app forms have embedded calculating features to calculate times, and expenses so you know exactly how much time is spent on each call as well as money coming in and out, so you can develop strategies for faster, more efficient services.

7. Work Offline

Offline features ensure that employees who are working in locations that do not have internet access can still use the app to update and see current information about the project, so communication is never disrupted between colleagues.

8. Conditional Logic

Rather than trying to fit your information into one standardized form, you can create your own customized documents. Managers can use the app to change their online forms easily so that the document suits the job or service needs. Each contract can have its own specialized documents, so information is recorded and shared correctly by all team members.

9. Easy-to-Use

Mobile app forms are easy-to-use, so no formal training is required. Companies can save time and money by not wasting their resources on time consuming training sessions. Once the app is installed, it walks you through the process, directing you to the right areas quickly.

Mobile app forms are an essential tool for companies today. Applications are available on handheld devices, so the entire team can view real time information to all information anytime, anywhere.

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9 Benefits of Mobile Form Apps

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