9 Best Islands in Thailand for Travellers

When traveling anywhere, especially to a foreign country, it is very wise to know exactly where you will be going and what awaits you when you arrive. If you simply pick a destination at random, there may be nothing to do, or nothing of offer there for you personally.

Fortunately, Thailand has many various flavours for many types of people. The true trick is to figure out which one is the best fit for you. For instance, there are tons of beautiful islands to visit within Thailand. Here are the nine best islands to visit in Thailand:

1. Phuket Island

As far as starting lines go, Phulet is a great place to start your adventures in Thailand. It offers a good chance to explore other islands nearby, acting as a sort of hub to those areas. Not only do you have access to various areas such as Patong, Kata, and Kara, but you will also have the chance to enjoy Nai Harn beach. As you can imagine, the beach is one of the most popular spots in Phuket, so you would do well to check it out.

2. Koh Tao Island

The experience of Thailand on a budget, Koh Tao offers a wonderful glimpse at the beauty of Thailand. The destination has been growing in popularity lately, so thereā€™s a good chance the experience will continue to improve over time. This is a great place for scuba divers, backpackers, and anyone looking for a good party to look into.

3. Koh Pha Ngan Island

Speaking of party goers, Koh Pha Ngan is home to to the Full Moon Party, as well as the Half Moon and Black Moon Parties. Found on Haad Rin Beach, things can get a bit wild when a crowd of around 30,000 people gather together during peak season. Of course, there is more to life than partying, and Koh Pha Ngan offers Bottle Beach for anyone seeking a calmer, more relaxing mood.

4. Koh Samet Island

Slowing things down a bit, Koh Samet is a lovely, albeit smaller island for anyone looking for a little down time. This is a popular spot for weekenders, locals, and tourists, providing a unique mix of Thai culture and new experiences for those new to the area. While it is well developed, Koh Samet still has a very natural interior for anyone wishing to get a close look at Thailandā€™s unfiltered beauty.

5. Koh Yao Island

Yet another more relaxed area, the Koh Yao islands highlight the best of Thailand. These islands have plenty of great places to simply stop for a while and take in the moment. Koh Yao is easily accessible from Phuket, and will provide many gorgeous views for anyone with a mind geared towards photography.

6. Koh Phi Phi Island

A story of revitalization, Koh Phi Phi was devastated by a tsunami in 2004. Since then, the area has been rebuilt and in turn has become something of a tourist hot spot over the years. A lush, green jungle and picturesque cliff sides await any visitors wishing to see an exotic view or two. Of course, there are plenty of beaches and a few resorts to make the stay even better while youā€™re there.

7. Similian Islands

The Similan Islands Marine National Park offers a few unique experiences to enjoy. Thereā€™s diving so you can get a great look at the beauty of Thailand from beneath the alluring water. While the ocean floor is a true sight to behold here, there are also plenty of sea dwellers to see, such as the renown whale shark that can be found around Richelieu Rock.

8. Koh Lipe Island

Serene is one of many ways to describe Koh Lipe, as itā€™s very quiet there. Itā€™s a mostly remote island, free from the hustle and bustle of large cities. There arenā€™t even any cars on the island, with transportation limited to a few motorcycles and walking. You would be hard pressed to find a more quiet place on Earth. However, popularity for Koh Lipe is higher than it has ever been, and as such has many more visitors nowadays. While this isnā€™t a great location for a wild party, itā€™s a great place to take someone to get to know them a little bit better.

9. Koh Lanta Island

Many people travel to a foreign country in order to experience a new culture. As anyone who is familiar with cultural travels will understand, it is sometimes difficult to find a chance to immerse yourself in a culture without the filter of tourism altering the experience. This is why Koh Lanta is such a jewel for Thai culture, as it offers a calm, rich atmosphere for any visitors to enjoy. Aside from that, tourists can expect to enjoy snorkeling, stunning sights to see, and a good chance to clear your head while exploring a new, exciting adventure.

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9 Best Islands in Thailand for Travellers

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