9 Famous Chocolate Bars and Their Packaging

Who doesn’t like eating chocolate bars? Even though most of us have our favourite chocolate bars, trying out new ones is always a fun experience.

It’s also interesting to look at different chocolate bars from the point of view of someone who is interested in design, and product packaging. What makes some chocolate bars instantly recognisable? Do some colours excite our taste buds more than others?

Let’s take a closer look at some famous chocolate bars and the intricate details in the food packaging:

1. Coffee Crisp

Each Coffee Crisp bar features a crispy wafer with cream coffee filling, all covered in milk chocolate. Their packaging is yellow, with a red logo. Have you ever noticed the steam rising from inside the O? It’s there to remind us of a hot cup of coffee, and to make us want to eat a Coffee Crisp.

A few other famous chocolate bars have a yellow wrapper with a red logo, including Mr. Big, Oh! Henry, and Crunchie. Why? Well, yellow is known to make us feel happy, and red triggers our appetite.

2. Caramilk

The Caramilk bar is a favourite for many people, making it one of the most famous chocolate bars in the market. It consists of a creamy caramel filling coated in delicious milk chocolate. The bars are wrapped in a golden paper, and the outer wrapping features different shades of caramel brown with the white Caramilk logo.

The colours of the wrapping remind us of the smooth caramel filling of the Caramilk, but on top of that, it shows us a piece of chocolate with some of that caramel leaking out.

3. Bounty

Bounty chocolate bars taste like summer, don’t they? They consist of a sweet coconut filling coated in milk chocolate, and there is two small bars inside each wrapper, in case you want to share with someone.

On the packaging, you can see, behind the white Bounty logo, a landscape that features a bright blue sky, and a small tropical island on the sea. An open coconut also appears on the corner.

If you want a Bounty bar covered in dark chocolate instead, you will see the same landscape, but with an orange sunset.

4. Crunch

Crunch chocolate bars are crunchy indeed. They are thin bars of milk chocolate mixed with crisped rice.

The Crunch logo appears on the bar, and it also appears, in red, on the bar’s packaging. That red logo is inside a white rectangle, and the background is dark blue. Small white cracks, on top of the white rectangle, reminds us of the delicious crunchiness that waits for us inside.

5. Skor

A Skor bar is a slab of crisp butter toffee covered in a milk chocolate coating. On its black packaging, we can see an appetizing picture of a Skor, next to a red logo in classic font, with a small golden crown inside the O.

Black portrays power, sophistication and elegance, while red is the colour of passion, love, and energy. A few other candy bars use this colour combination in their packaging, including the Mars bar.

6. Twix

Inside each wrapper of Twix chocolate bars, you will find two cookie bars with a layer of smooth caramel and a coating of milk chocolate.

The Twix bars packaging features a photo of them, the Twix logo in white and red font that appears to be three-dimensional, and a golden yellow background.

As we have already discussed, the red and yellow combination is designed to make us feel hungry and happy. We might not realize it, but simply looking at the packaging of a Twix might convince us that we need to buy one.

7. Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk chocolate bars come in different delicious flavours, including Fruit & Nut, Caramel, Oreo, and Whole Nut. Each flavour has one thing in common: the white Dairy Milk logo on a purple wrapper.

Some colours make us feel hungry, but purple is mostly associated with royalty, wisdom, and creativity, and it’s not exactly a popular colour when it comes to food packaging. However, the shade of purple found on the Dairy Milk packaging has been trademarked by Cadbury, and is instantly associated with their brand.

8. Rolo

The Rolo chocolate bar is not exactly a bar, but a roll of small chewy caramels in a milk chocolate coating. The roll is wrapped in gold foil paper, with an outer wrapper which is brown, with the red and white Rolo logo. Of course, a chewy caramel is visible on the packaging.

Brown reminds us of both chocolate and caramel, but it’s also a colour that appears wholesome and sincere.

9. Big Turk

Finally, Big Turk is a chocolate bar that features Turkish Delight coated in chocolate. On its wrapping, we can see a wavy white band that separates a blue band and a red band. The Big Turk logo appears on the white section, in bold red letters.

Some people claim that the packaging of this unique chocolate bar reminds them of a tube of toothpaste, which was probably not the intention of the people who designed it.

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9 Famous Chocolate Bars and Their Packaging

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