9 Fun Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed, and for many good reasons. Nothing is cuter than a few Golden Retriever puppies playing or cuddling together. However, before you buy yourself a new puppy, there are a few fun facts about Golden Retrievers you should keep in mind.

Fact #1: Golden Retrievers don’t make good guard dogs

If you are hoping to get a dog that will guard your home, a Golden Retriever is not the right choice for you. They are way too friendly to make good guard dogs, and they will happily welcome anyone that enters your home.

Fact #2:Β Golden Retriever puppies love to chew

An interesting Golden Retriever fact is their chewing habits. Like all dogs, Golden Retriever puppies love to chew. In fact, their love for chewing never goes away, so if you want to keep your shoes safe from your Golden Retriever, you will need to provide a lot of chew toys.

Fact #3: Golden Retrievers need a lot of attention

Golden Retrievers are sociable dogs, and they love their humans. They need a lot of attention, so if you work all day and you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your dog, you should not buy a Golden Retriever puppy.

Fact #4: Golden Retrievers need to play and to exercise

Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy, and they need to play and to exercise everyday. They enjoy taking long walks, going to the beach or swimming in a lake, and, of course, playing fetch. You will need to make sure your Golden Retriever gets enough exercise. If you have a cat, the Golden Retrievers love playing with other pet species and may get physical exercise just from their feline companions.

Fact #5: It’s easy for Golden Retrievers to put on too much weight

An interesting fact about Golden Retrievers is that they love to eat, and they can easily put on too much weight. You will have to make sure to give quality dog food to your Golden Retriever, and to give it the right amount of food to prevent obesity.

Fact #6: Golden Retrievers mature very slowly

Golden Retriever puppies mature very slowly. Many will keep the silly personality of a puppy for 3 or 4 years, while others will stay silly and playful even when they are old. You will have to be ready to handle a big, happy puppy for a long time.

Fact #7: Golden Retrievers love to dig

If you are proud of your award-winning garden, getting a Golden Retriever puppy might not be a good idea. Golden Retrievers love to dig, and they enjoy playing and rolling in mud, and in flower beds.

Fact #8: You need to be committed to grooming your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have very long hair, and it’s important to give them a good grooming regularly. You will need to brush your Golden a few times a week, and to give it a bath at least once a month.

Fact #9: You should consider obedience classes

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, and they are quick learners. Taking obedience classes with your Golden is the best way to train it and to make sure it will behave. Obedient dogs are generally happier than those that can’t communicate clearly with their humans.

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9 Fun Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

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