9 Questions You Have About Eyelash Extensions

Most women don’t have enough time in the day to put on fake lashes every morning, so it isn’t surprising that eyelash extensions have now become one of the most popular beauty items. If you’ve been thinking about trying out lash extensions but have some questions or some feelings of apprehension, read on to learn some of the truths about eyelash extensions.

1. What are the most common types?

There are three kinds of lash extensions: mink, silk, and synthetic. Lengths range from 6mm to 17mm. The type and length of lash chosen will depend on the technician, your tastes, your budget, and the length of your own eyelashes.

2. How long does it take for a professional to apply lash extensions?

It takes around two hours to apply a full set of lashes. Touch-ups take less time and should be done every two to four weeks. If you want a less expensive option you can get a half set, which are applied as a filler with your own eyelashes.

3. What if you cry during the procedure?

If you get any discomfort or burning sensations during the procedure, you should tell your technician right away. You may be having a reaction to the glue. Getting lashes should be totally pain-free.

4. What will happen if you have a bad reaction to the glue? Can you go blind?

Your technician should apply the glue in a way that it will be completely harmless to your eyes. Your eyes will be closed the whole time. If you do get glue in your eyes, or if you have an allergic reaction to the glue, you may need to go to the eye doctor to get some special drops. You will not, however, go blind.

5. How often will I need to get the lashes redone?

As mentioned above, it depends on how many lashes you got and how you treat the extensions. If you are very gentle with them, you can more time out of them. Light maintenance is best every three to four weeks to maintain a gorgeous, full look.

6. Will lash extensions make my real eyelashes fall out?

If applied properly and taken care of as directed, your own eyelashes will not be affected. People lose around 10 eyelashes per day, and you might notice it more because you’ll be paying closer attention (and your lashes will have the extensions on them, which makes them more visible). Never pull or tug on your eyelashes since this can pull them out. Also, do not argue with the technician if you are told that your own lashes will not support the length or type of extensions you want.

7. Can I shower or swim immediately after? Are there any other activities or products I should avoid?

Avoid getting water near your lashes for the first 24 hours after having extensions applied. Water can make the adhesive weak before it has time to fully set. Avoid oil-based remover and makeup products near your eye to prolong the life of your lashes. Do not use water-proof mascara on the lashes.

8. Can I wear mascara?

It’s not advisable to use mascara on the lashes unless they are the very end of their longevity and you need to get a bit more β€œpop” out of them before you can get them touched-up. Use a water-based mascara, with a very light hand, and apply the mascara only near the tips of the extensions. Don’t apply it near the base of the lashes because this will look clumpy.

9. What should I ask the lash technician before I decide to go ahead and get lash extensions?

Always make sure the lash technician is certified to do so. Self-taught eyelash technicians do not have the proper products and tools and have not received the proper training to apply the lashes without damaging your natural lashes or eyes. Ask for before-and-after photos from previous clients, ask to see any diplomas or certifications they may have, and ask your friends for recommendations.

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9 Questions You Have About Eyelash Extensions

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