Top 8 IT Skills In Demand Right Now

If you are thinking of a career in information technology, it’s important to understand what it takes. IT is a broad field with a myriad of potential directions and areas of specialization. Here are some of the top IT skills in demand right now.

1. Mobile Development Skills

Mobile development is currently one of the leading IT skills in demand. The number of smartphone users is increasing by the day. The estimated number of total mobile connections in the world right now is over 8 billion. The overall global app economy is projected at 6.3 trillion US dollars by 2021. Consequently, if a company wants to stay relevant, they not only need websites, they also need to invest in apps.

Some of the advantages of having mobile development skills are the ability to build apps for other people. You can also make your own and sell them for profit. Mobile development is, therefore, a great career path for an aspiring entrepreneur. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in augmented reality, which has seen developments of apps such as PokΓ©mon Go.

2. Cloud Computing Skills

This IT skill is in high demand. Companies are moving from the classic server infrastructure to modern cloud hosting solutions, thus increasing the need for IT support services and technicians. The public cloud services market is expected to grow by about 17.3% in 2019.

3. Data Visualization Skills

Data visualization can be described as putting data in a visual context for people to understand its significance. A good example of data visualization is turning reports or spreadsheets into graphs and charts that are easily understood. This career path is seen as the bridge between non-technical and technical roles.

These IT skills are in high demand because employers make sense of vast amounts of data so they can make accurate business decisions. Data visualization helps bring the power of what is considered Big Data to mainstream markets.

4. Data Engineering Skills

Although data engineering is regarded as a different skill from data science, the former enables the existence of the latter. Data engineers build the tools and infrastructure used by data scientists to conduct their work. For US citizens, there has never been a better time than the present to consider enrolling for a career in data engineering, especially as a result of the recent changes in immigration laws.

In certain instances, this IT skill has more similarities to software engineering than other data roles. Historically, demand for data engineers has always outpaced that of data scientists.

5. UI/UX Design Skills

Although they are in the same family, UX and UI are two different things. A UI specialist designs interfaces for apps and websites that create visual appeal, flow and easy navigation. A UX specialist does a lot of testing and research that helps them learn how the end users will interact with an app and company. This is done in collaboration with UI designers and developers.

This is a great career path for people looking for a role that combines both creativity and analytics. So, basically, a UI design specialist focuses on the visual layout, general feel and look of a web page or an app, while a UX design specialist uses testing and analysis to help businesses seamlessly meet the needs of their users.

6. SEO/SEM Skills

Employers are searching for people with the digital marketing skills needed to improve their companies’ web presence and visibility. These IT skills are in high demand for obvious reasons. First, as more people visit your site, you get more customers, conversions and revenue. Second, if you are a data-minded person, SEO/SEM is a great career path for you.

This role involves experimenting, continuous testing and measuring to identify what works and what doesn’t, then making the necessary changes. This IT skill is critical if you plan to venture into entrepreneurship. A web developer with SEO/SEM skills has an edge over other developers since he or she can offer bundled services.

7. Network and Information Security Skills

These IT skills are in demand for companies that collect sensitive customer information or deal with their own sensitive data. This is because it is paramount for a company’s network system to be hacker-proof. When a data breach occurs, it can be costly to recover from the resulting damages.

It is critical for a company to have its network security set to the highest possible standards. Recent cybersecurity disasters have heightened the demand for network and information security skills.

8. Blockchain Skills

This technology was initially devised for digital currencies such as bitcoin, but it has evolved since. Over the years, the tech community has found other potential uses of this technology, for example; crowdfunding, identity management, file storage, peer to peer payments, and digital voting.

The increase in the use of this technology has heightened the need for people with a full understanding of blockchain technology. Some blockchain skills you should equip yourself with include; database design, networking, cryptography, computing and programming in JavaScript and Python.

With the demand for IT skills expected to rise in the coming years, upgrading your IT expertise in the above areas would make you a highly sought after job candidate.

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Top 8 IT Skills In Demand Right Now

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