Top 9 Best Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Most office supplies have been designed to help us be more productive, or better organized. Others are expected to do one or two things, and to do them well, while others become popular simply because they are cute or funny.

If you think the time has come to bring something new to your office, here are the top nine best office supplies you should consider purchasing.

1. Clever sticky notes

Sticky notes come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and all office workers use them. Some sticky notes have cute designs, but others have definitely been created to help you keep your notes well organized.

For example, a pad of colourful sticky notes with tabs will make it easy for you to find a particular section of a document.

2. A staple-free stapler

If you feel like you are always out of staples, a staple-free stapler would be the perfect addition to your business office supplies.

A staple-free stapler can easily fasten a few sheets of paper together without the use of any staple. No staple to buy means you can save a bit of money, and it means you don’t have to worry about staples whenever you need to shred a document.

3. A small hand shredder

Speaking of shredding documents, you can use the office shredder anytime. But what about those occasions where you only have a tiny piece of paper to shred? It could be one of those sticky notes where you wrote some sensitive information, for example.

Instead of using the office shredder for that, why not have your own fun and convenient small hand shredder? These are the best office supplies that can fit anywhere on your desk and still look chic.

4. Cable organization supplies

What about all those cables that are tangled up under and around your desk? They’re not pleasant to see, and they could even be dangerous. With a cable concealer, you can hide all those cables in a box, and forget about them. Be sure you get one that is heat-resistant and fireproof, just in case.

If you sometimes need to unplug some of those cables, and then to plug them again, cable catches will make your life easier.Simply peel off the back of these small devices, and attach them to the top or the side of your desk. Whenever you need to unplug something, one of your trusty cable catches will hold the cable in place for you, so it won’t go down and get tangled up under your desk.

5. An ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support

If you don’t already have an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support, you should get one, especially if your wrist hurts after a long day working on your computer.

Choose a durable mouse pad with a comfortable wrist rest made from gel, which will easily mold to the shape of your wrist.

6. USB office supplies

USB office supplies are all the rage these days, especially USB fans. It’s bad enough that you have to go to work during the summer. You shouldn’t have to get all sweaty while you are sitting at your desk because there is a problem with the air conditioner. Fortunately, a USB fan can save you. Simply connect it to one of your computer’s USB ports, adjust it so it will blow in the right direction, and enjoy a cool breeze.

A mini USB fridge is also a worthwhile investment. Wouldn’t it be great if you cool enjoy a cool, refreshing can of soda without having to leave your desk to go to the office kitchen? If this is one of your dreams, you need a mini USB fridge. It’s small enough to keep on your desktop, but large enough to hold one can. You can simply plug it into a USB port, and it will keep your drinks cool.

7. Pen caps (with a twist!)

Yes, we all need the basic pen caps, but did you know there are inventions called pen cap utensils? Is it a pen, or is it a fork? Well, it can be both if you own pen cap utensils. If you often have to eat at your desk while you are staring at your computer screen and taking notes on sticky notes, you need these.

Pen cap utensils look silly, but they can come in handy if you forgot to pack a fork, a spoon or a knife with your lunch.

8. A portable coffee-maker

If you prefer hot beverages, a portable coffee-maker will brighten up your days at the office. You will be able to brew your coffee the way you like it, day after day, and as many cups as you want, without having to go back to the office kitchen each time. These are the best office supplies if you always need your morning coffee on the go!

9. Customized office supplies

Binders, folders and tabs might sound like boring office supplies, but they will instantly become more exciting if you customize them.

When you add your company logo, a fun slogan, or even the name of each employee on the supplies they use daily, they will be a lot happier about using them.

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Top 9 Best Office Supplies for Everyday Use

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