7 Most Famous Mascots Around The World

Mascots have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history to represent an event or organization. Certain mascots have done better than others, usually because the mascot strongly represents the values of the company, team or other group that it was created for.

Below is a list of seven most famous mascots that are well known and why they did well.

1. Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney

Disney has a variety of famous mascots associated with their brand, many of them are not commonly known unless you’re a Disney fanatic. Although, Mickey Mouse was one of the first characters created by Disney and it is highly recognizable.

Mickey Mouse is a friendly character that children relate to through media. Mickey’s big smile and cute outfit makes him approachable which is why kids love his character.

2. M&M Spokescandies by Mars

The group of five individually coloured M&M mascots are distinct which is why many people are familiar with them. Each character has their own personality which is portrayed in commercials. Having a group of five famous mascots did well for Mars because it symbolized bringing friends and family together as do the candies.

3. Mario by Nintendo

Nintendo’s characters are similar to Disney in the sense that they are kid-friendly. Unlike Disney, Nintendo took shape in the world of gaming as opposed to media entertainment.

Mario is the most popular member of the gang as he was the first to be designed in Nintendo’s games. Interestingly, in the early days of game creation, Mario did not have a moustache or big nose because the pixels were too big to define them on his face.

4. Gecko by Geico

The name of Geico’s mascot was actually derived from the common mispronunciation of the company’s name. Gecko is a quirky and cute lizard that also portrays a high level of professionalism. This mascot’s persona did well for Geico as people purchasing car insurance rely on knowledgeable employees to help them with their needs.

Compared to other brands, the Gecko mascot is fairly new as it was created in 2000. Despite its newness, the Gecko has done very well and many find the mascot hilarious.

5. Phanatic by Philadelphia Phillies

With a unique mascot costume designed in a grotesque shade of green, the Philadelphia baseball team mascot is not exactly a sight for sore eyes. The Phanatic is also fuzzy and has a big hook nose which makes for an original mascot.

That being said, the mascot makes up for his looks with his rowdy and silly behaviour. In fact, the Phanatic is known as the most-sued mascot in the sports industry because of his reckless performances.

6. Rich Uncle Pennybags by Monopoly

Rich Uncle Pennybags is associated with the popular game Monopoly which is why he is also known as Mr. Monopoly. His friendly face is welcoming and fun to people of all ages that are playing the board game. Also, his tuxedo represents wealth, making money is essentially the motive of the game Monopoly.

Rich Uncle Pennybags has actually been around since 1936, although, the drawing of him was not created until 1946. At this time the mascot became widely popular and lead Monopoly to incorporate Rich Uncle Pennybags into their logo.

7. Pillsbury Doughboy by Pillsbury

Since 1965, the small character has appeared in Pillsbury advertisements as a part of their doughy products. The chef’s hat was added later to represent the baking process of Pillsbury products. The Doughboy is often shown being poked in the stomach while he giggles portraying a cute and fun feeling to viewers.

A little known fact is that Pillsbury Doughboy had a whole family back in the 1970s. Part of the Doughboy’s success as a mascot was the representation of family being brought together with food.

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7 Most Famous Mascots Around The World

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